Do you usually make the typical tea bags at home? If so, and once it’s done, you usually throw away what’s left of the sachet, know that you’re making a huge mistake.Herbal tea bags are very useful even after being used in an infusion. That’s right! And the benefits even act to favor the skin’s aesthetics.

Beneficial ways to reuse tea sachets

Swollen eyes

Do you have puffy eyes or even dark circles? Don’t think twice and make use of the tea bags. They are useful for this whether hot or cold.

against warts

Warts on the skin can be treated by simply applying a warm, wet tea bag for 15 minutes. Do this until the wart completely disappears.

for skin

Want to leave your face skin smooth, toned and hydrated? Run the tea bags across your face daily. Just lightly rub the sachet over your face and let the herb’s properties penetrate your skin.

Against burns and injuries

On areas of the body affected by injuries or simple burns, take the tea bag and apply it to the area. You can use this technique in cases of insect bites, thrush and other similar injuries.

Cleaning of dishes

Crockery, plates, ceramic or porcelain dishes and other similar utensils can be easily cleaned with tea bags. To eliminate difficult fats from these kitchen accessories, just soak them with water and the sachets inside.