The thermos is an object widely used in homes and commercial establishments, such as restaurants, hotels, doctors’ offices, beauty salons, among others. As the name implies, it serves to store hot liquids and keep them that way foras long as possible.

The best types of thermos are those whose inner ampoule is made of glass and which have adjustable partial opening . Other models on the market have hand pumps, but these models are more fragile and tend to cause more problems.

While all brands offer good durability, there are some little secrets that should be practiced by all people who make use of thermos bottles. See what they are:

How to make good use of the thermos?

-If you want your tea to stay hot longer, try boiling water first and put it in the bottle. Then pour the water initially placed and add what really matters, the tea. This procedure will stabilize the internal temperature of the thermos and the liquid will remain in thermal conservation for a longer time;

-If your idea is to use the thermos for cold liquids , the procedure is the opposite: put very cold water so that the ampoule gets used to the temperature . Then pour it and pour your drink;

– Never put ice inside your thermos as it can break the glass ampoule;

– Do not put milk in a thermos bottle. If it’s unavoidable, don’t put the milk too hot and don’t keep it for too long, as milk fat tends to spoil easily when it’s kept away from refrigeration for a long time.

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-Do not put gaseous liquids inside the thermos. This can cause a small explosion and even breakage of the glass ampoule;

– Never place the thermos bottle lying down , but in a standing position and, if possible, always leave it full so that the liquid stays hot for a longer time;

-To clean your thermos, you can prepare hot water and add a spoon of baking soda . From there, you should fill the bottle with this mixture and leave it for a few hours until all the dirt is removed;

-To dry, leave the bottle open until the next time you use it . The use of chemical products such as bleach, detergent or brush is prohibited, as the latter can even scratch the glass of the ampoule.