Widely spread around the world, the medicinal use of sucupira is useful in the treatment of various health problems, and its benefits can be used through the consumption of tea made with macerated seeds.It is important to emphasize, however, that there is no scientific evidence regarding the use and benefits of seeds, as well as there are no studies that guarantee the safety of ingesting this natural medicine.

Some famous people, however, use the plant and report getting results. Actor Juca de Oliveira, for example, who sometimes got completely stuck after heavy work, heard about the benefits for fighting pain and decided to give it a try, consuming 1.5 L of tea daily.

According to him, the results were great, exceptional: within a week of consumption, he was great.

Applications in dogs

Also according to him, the application of tea for dogs is also great. A dog on his farm had pain in his paw, walking with only three of them, having difficulties to move because of their size and weight. Afraid that the dog would die during the surgery recommended by the veterinarian, he decided to try to treat the pet with sucupira, a method which had positive effects.

Juca de Oliveira recipe


1 bottle of Fontoura Biotônico
4 sucupira seeds

Preparation mode:

Break the seeds with the help of a hammer or pliers, as they are quite hard. After macerating, add them to the biotonic bottle and let it rest for approximately five days. After that, in small amounts and with the help of a syringe, offer the pet the natural medicine.

The tea must be made from five seeds broken in a liter of boiling water. With the water already boiling, dip the seeds and let it boil for another two minutes. Then turn off and remove the seeds. Store in refrigerator.

Contraindications and precautions

No contraindications regarding sucupira toxicity were found in the consulted literature, either in humans or animals. Use for short periods, as they can cause problems in the long term.

Some people indicate that consumption should be done for 15 consecutive days, followed by a break for the same period.

Always talk to a veterinarian, because despite the benefits that the actor revealed in relation to your pet, smaller animals or animals with different problems can end up having more complications, if not treated correctly. There are no guarantees that the recipe will be effective or safe for pets.