Earaches are usually caused by inflammation in some part of the hearing aid, which may be internal, external or between the two regions. Normally, otitis, as infections in the hearing aid are called, are directly related to other ailments, such as infections in the respiratory region, climate change, genetic predisposition, and some other factors.Although it is usually linked to this, otitis is not always related to inflammation, sometimes it can be caused by ‘silly’ things, such as the presence of water in the ear for example, which can be easily resolved by turning the neck to the ear. side of the ear that hurts and doing a few jumps with the head still hanging, in order to make the water come out and the pain go away.

Otitis Symptoms

The main symptoms of infection in the ear region are pain and ringing in the ear. Otitis may worsen and cause purulent discharge in the ear, which is called otorrhea .

Some care must be taken to avoid inflammation, such as not using objects such as cotton swabs, staples, toothpicks or others to clean the inner region of the ear. Care must also be taken to prevent water or any other liquid from entering the ear orifice, as moisture favors the appearance of microorganisms that cause various diseases.

There are several forms of treatment to reduce earaches. Here’s how to deal with it with the use of teas.

Mullein or chamomile tea

Prepare an infusion with chamomile or mullein, then dip a cotton swab into the tea. Squeeze to remove all excess liquid and then place the cotton covering the ear.

guaco tea


1 handful of guaco
1 handful of orange peel
1 handful of pennyroyal (Mint)
1 liter of water

Preparation method:

Prepare an infusion from the ingredients. Drink the tea two to three times a day for as long as the earache lasts.
Ear pains can be caused by complications after a flu or a cold, when there is an accumulation of secretion in the inner ear. These home remedies help to relieve pain and inflammation, however, if symptoms continue to persist or worsen, the ideal is to seek a doctor in the area.