The various benefits provided by teas are already well known, including those who want to lose weight. For some time now, green tea has been used as a great ally in the weight loss process, because, due to its properties, it helps to speed up the metabolism and burn those unwanted fat.But, have you ever thought about combining tea with gelatin? In this article, check out the benefits of green tea gelatin.

The benefits of green tea and gelatin

Coming from the camellia sinensis plant , the same plant that gives rise to black and white teas, green tea is quite popular in Brazil, mainly due to its active principles that speed up metabolism and contribute to the breakdown of fat.

Check out below what are the benefits of this tea:

  • It acts on the body’s fat composition – According to some preliminary studies, one of the most present catechins in green tea stimulates several enzymes that control the metabolism of fats. In addition to promoting weight loss, this drink helps in a better body fat composition, reducing the chances of various diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension.
  • Speeds up metabolism – With a thermogenic effect, green tea makes the metabolism work faster, which burns more energy in our body and prevents it from turning into fat and accumulating.
  • Antioxidant – The catechins present in green tea have the power to fight free radicals in our body, fighting premature aging of cells and the risk of chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Gelatine, on the other hand, is rich in collagen, an essential protein for the body and responsible for most tissues in our body. This food provides many benefits to the skin, nails and hair, in addition to helping to moderate hunger and prevent us from having the impulse to “attack the fridge”.

By mixing green tea and gelatin, we can enjoy the benefits of both and, individuals who want to lose weight, can achieve an even better result.

How to prepare green tea gelatine?

Although it provides many benefits, the slightly bitter taste of green tea tends to put those who prefer lighter and sweeter tastes away. Therefore, green tea gelatin becomes a good alternative not only for those who would like to vary the way they consume food, but also for people who do not like the taste of this tea.

See how to prepare green tea gelatine below:

To prepare this dessert, just dissolve a sachet of colorless, flavorless powdered gelatin in a cup and a half of ready-made green tea. Wait five minutes, bring to the heat and mix in another half cup of tea. Sweeten with Stevia or Xylitol-based sweetener that can burn.

Place in a mold and refrigerate until hardened.