In addition to drinking water, considered the most consumed liquid in the world, there are also two other drinks that are the “darlings” of the palates not only of Brazilians, but also of people from other countries. They are: coffee and tea.

Both are known for their high temperatures and that is why many consumers only drink these liquids this way. This is because there is a myth about the benefits of teas, as people believe they only work when they are hot.

Despite this, the teas can be served cold, without losing their properties. An example of this is cinnamon tea, a drink that is very beneficial to health and can be consumed both hot and cold, without running the risk of having its medicinal properties eliminated by temperature.

Hot vs. Cold: Benefits of Cinnamon Tea

Detoxifying, relaxing and thermogenic. These are three of the main medicinal properties of cinnamon. Regardless of whether hot or cold, the spice tea is indicated to reduce blood glucose, promote relaxation in consumers and also provide weight loss.

In addition to these benefits, cinnamon is also indicated for those who want to replenish some nutrients in the body, since it is rich in magnesium, calcium, fiber, vitamin C, iron and vitamin B1.

How to prepare cinnamon tea?

As we have seen, the properties of this tea do not depend on its temperature when consumed. What will define the best way to ingest it is your taste buds. From it, choose your favorite type and enjoy.

Hot Cinnamon Tea

Put a liter of filtered water on the fire and wait for the boiling process to begin. After the liquid comes to a boil, add a sprig of chopped cinnamon. Leave the mixture on the fire for approximately 10 minutes. After the set time, turn off the heat, strain the tea and serve it afterwards, if you wanted to drink it while it was still hot.

Iced Cinnamon Tea

However, if you wish to consume this iced tea, after the decoction process, strain and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Then just serve! To improve the flavor, just add a (coffee) spoon of honey to each cup.