In the relentless pursuit of weight loss, many people turn to drugs that can even lose weight, but end up being harmful to their health. There are, however, several natural and homemade ways to obtain the desired weight, for example, making use of teas.

The diversity of herbs, fruits and stems that can be raw materials for teas is enormous and among them are green and white teas. But which one has the greatest weight loss power?

Green tea for slimming

Product of the Camelia sinensis plant  , green tea is rich in catechin, which is a powerful antioxidant capable of controlling the effect of free radicals in the body and also prevents premature aging and reduces the risk of developing diseases of the cardiac and cancerous tract. 

In weight loss, this tea acts as a stimulant in the production of fatty acids that regulate digestion. It is even an excellent thermogenic, which means that it increases body temperature by stimulating the metabolism and, consequently, the burning of fat.

He is the darling of most diets and is really good to accompany a diet menu. However, your position may be at risk with the discovery of the effectiveness of white tea in the weight loss process.

Is white tea better than green tea for weight loss?

A brother to green tea, white tea is also made from Camellia sinensis, a plant that gives rise to other teas as well. This tea is very rich in health-beneficial properties and still has a milder flavor, unlike the less bitter green tea.

Also thermogenic, white tea does not undergo any fermentation from its harvest and its processing is fast. This is one of the reasons, even, that makes many believe that the drink has the most concentrated properties. And, like green tea, this tea is an antioxidant, slowing down the aging process and preventing the appearance of cancerous tumors. It also lowers bad cholesterol (LDL) levels and burns body fat.

Keeping in mind that its properties are similar to each other, white tea is just as effective as green. What will be a determining factor in choosing which of the two to consume is your body and the reception it will demonstrate as soon as you use the drinks. Check which one represented a change in your routine and which flavor you like the most.