Very popular for its pharmaceutical properties, the buggy herb is still recognized by several names. Café do mato, bugrinho, porangaba, crab, tea-de-frade, orange tree, among others are some of the popular names by which the bugre herb is called in its country of origin, Brazil. It belongs to the boraginaceae family and its fruits are very similar to those of roasted coffee, and are even used in a coffee substitute beverage.

Properties and Benefits of Bugre Tea

Bugre herb is widely used in alternative medicine as it has many beneficial health properties. It is anti-diarrheal, anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, healing, stimulant, febrifuge and diuretic. The herb works on problems such as uric acid, cold sore, arthritis, gastritis, bloating, cellulite, high blood pressure and poor circulation.

bugre tea to lose weight

As an excellent appetite suppressant, bugle herb is widely used in weight-loss diets. It leaves those who consume it with that feeling of satiety and this makes people feel less like they are always eating. It’s a great choice for obese people who have a hard time stopping eating or reducing their plate size.

tea consumption

internal use

In a liter of boiling water, add two tablespoons of the bugle herb and let it steep for approximately 10 minutes. After this time, strain the tea and drink 2-3 cups a day.

Tip: If the desire to drink the bugger tea is to lose weight, give preference to drinking it before meals, as it will act by reducing the appetite.

External use

To use buggy tea as a compression for eczema, freckles, herpes, thrush, insect bites or other wounds, the recipe is more concentrated. In a cup of boiling water, add two tablespoons of the chopped herb and let the liquid slurry until it has cooled completely. Apply the infusion to the skin with a cotton wool soaked in the tea and let it act naturally.


It is important to remember that, as it is a strong diuretic, bugle tea should be consumed in moderation. This is because it can eliminate liquids too much and with them, mineral salts that have not yet been absorbed by the body.

People who have insomnia and are constantly suffering from stress, nervousness and anxiety need to drink this tea in moderation, as it is rich in stimulant effects that aggravate symptoms. Hypertensive patients and patients suffering from other heart-related problems should first consult a doctor to find out if there are problems with drinking bugle tea, as it is a heart tonic that can interact in an unwanted way with other medications.