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Discover the myths and truths about the power of teas

by Dianna Leon

We always hear from our grandparents, friends, parents and even on television that one tea is good for this, and the other one good for that. But to what extent is what we’ve heard about the benefits of tea true? With this question in mind, we decided to approach the topic bringing you the myths and truths surrounding the power of teas.



  • Is coffee worse than tea? No. Both, when consumed in the right measure, bring benefits, but in excess they can be harmful, having contraindications and side effects.
  • Do teas cure flu? No. Because it is a viral disease, it cannot be cured with teas, but some are effective in alleviating its symptoms.
  • Does drinking hot tea help you lose weight? No. The temperature of the tea does not influence this process, but some teas contain properties that help you lose weight regardless of the temperature you consume.
  • Can teas be taken without worrying about contraindications? No. Teas, as well as any other substances, can nullify or intensify the effects of medicines and, in addition, can have negative effects on people with high or low blood pressure, for example. It is necessary to analyze each of the teas and their properties to know if they will be harmful or beneficial to your health situation.
  • Are the proportion of herb and water indifferent to the effects of tea? No. It is necessary to follow the method of preparation correctly, as the amount and time of boiling can directly interfere with its action.


  • Can teas help with weight loss? In parts, yes. Some teas have flavonoids, which are able to act in the regulation of fat burning, increasing the burning of calories and preventing the deposition of fat, consequently regulating body weight.
  • Are sachet teas as effective as natural herbs? Yes. Both have the same substances as the leaf, but in different concentrations. Products made with fresh leaves, however, have greater potential.
  • Can teas help soothe and help you sleep? Yes. Some teas have calming properties that help in cases of insomnia and anxiety.
  • Does tea help relieve PMS symptoms? Yes. Once again, you need to be aware of the properties of each tea you drink, as they can be beneficial or harmful.
  • Are teas effective in treating illnesses? Yes. Always with medical supervision, herbs can complement the treatment making it more effective. It is necessary, however, to know which tea is correct for each situation, as they can mask the symptoms or reduce the effects of the drugs.

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