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Seven Sangrias Herb Tea – What is it for?

by Dianna Leon

A very common shrub in plantations, sometimes even called a weed, the seven sangrias is an ingredient in natural medicinal recipes to treat cases of high blood pressure , respiratory problems, skin problems and arteriosclerosis. Also called pea-de-pinto and herb-de-blood, the seven sangrias got their name because of the past. As sangrias were once very popular in the recovery process of the sick, the tea from this plant ended up having very similar benefits . Today it is studied by researchers of the benefits of nature and several properties have been found that prove its good powers.

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What are the benefits of this tea?

  • Helps in blood cleansing, due to its depurative property;
  • Eliminates uric acid from the body;
  • Lowers cholesterol levels;
  • Treats eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions;
  • Reduces leg swelling;
  • Decreases heart palpitations;
  • Lowers high blood pressure;
  • It helps to clear the stomach and intestines, so it is possible to lose weight faster;
  • Venereal affections can be treated with the seven-sangria tea ;
  • Taken in the correct dose, it cures diarrhea;
  • Rheumatism, syphilis and skin ulcers are prevented with this tea;
  • Lowers fever and intermittent fever;
  • It is used to lessen bouts of insomnia and make sleep more peaceful.

How to prepare seven sangria tea?

There are several ways to enjoy the seven bloodlettings, such as alcoholic extract, syrup, plasters and compressions. However, it is the tea that is more successful, as it combats pain and various other problems.

To prepare the tea, boil a spoon and a half of the herb’s flowers and leaves in a liter of water. Allow the beverage to warm, strain the contents and drink it before main meals. This tea can also be prepared from an infusion, first boiling the water and then adding the herb so that it matures for a few minutes and then strains, making it ready to drink.

Contraindications and side effects

Despite the benefits, this tea should not be used by children, pregnant or breastfeeding women. When consumed in the wrong way, it can cause sudden drops in blood pressure and diarrhea. Never use this tea continuously and excessively. Look for a professional so that he can tell you the right amount of the seven-sangria tea, as the negative results coming from the bad application of this drink can be very dangerous.

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