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Teas that soothe and treat the dreaded cellulite

by Dianna Leon

It’s okay that a woman who is a woman has to have cellulite to tell the story, it’s part of the natural beauty of each one. However, this does not mean that we should live with this nuisance forever. While it doesn’t cause any lethal damage, excess cellulite is a potential reason for putting women’s self-esteem down. Nowadays, there are several aesthetic treatments for this problem, but not all of them have access due to the high cost of the procedures. So why not turn to natural treatments? They promise to work just as efficiently as other processes and are much more affordable when it comes to pocket money.

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How is cellulite formed?

Contrary to what many people think, cellulite is not just the fullest affliction. Dermatosis affects the fullest and thinnest, without distinction. When some toxins are not properly drained by the body (originated from fatty foods), and there is also a bad circulation factor, there is an alteration in the fatty tissues of the skin. The body understands that an inflammatory process is taking place due to the viscous-looking blood from the site not circulating properly and compressing some nerves and subcutaneous tissues. The body then starts sending too much collagen to the affected area and the excess protein causes damage to the skin, causing an effect contrary to the original purpose of collagen. In this way, ripples arise, the dreaded cellulite.

Teas that can help with treatment

Teas are a natural cellulite treatment option . They promise to alleviate and treat the symptoms they cause on the skin. We then bring some easy and practical options, which cost little, are healthy and effective in the fight against this evil.

– Centella Asiatica

This plant has draining effects, which is just what is needed when it comes to cellulite, since, as mentioned earlier, cellulite is caused by the lack of drainage from certain places in the body.

How to consume:

Centella is found in two forms: sold ready-made for tea in natural product houses and in capsules to be ingested. The tea should be taken throughout the day, between meals. As for the capsules, they must be taken 2 a day to better enjoy the benefits of the plant.

– Horsetail and Witch Hazel

These plants have detoxifying and diuretic properties , respectively.

How to consume:

To prepare the tea, just boil the herbs together and let the infusion rest and muffled for 15 minutes. From there, just strain and drink without added sugar or sweetener. It is recommended to drink 3-4 cups of tea per day for a period of ten days.

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