The chamomile tea is famous because of its calming effect, but its composition rich in medicinal properties goes far beyond that.

In this article, you will learn all about the main effects of this plant full of health benefits. Also learn how to make the healthiest chamomile tea possible.

First, let’s talk a little about this plant. Chamomile is a medicinal herb belonging to the Asteraceae family. Its scientific name is Matriaria chamomilla, and it is a very common plant in Brazil and other parts of the world.

In addition, chamomile tea is well known for its calming and sleep-aiding effect . But, is this true? Discover below the main and most famous benefits of chamomile for health!

Chamomile tea is good for what?

First of all, it is important to make it clear that chamomile tea goes far beyond its calming and sedative effect.

In fact, medical science has already concluded, after several researches, that chamomile is rich in substances that have several beneficial functions. Check out the list of chamomile tea benefits:

  • help you sleep better
  • Helps in the treatment of postpartum depression
  • Fights anxiety
  • It’s anti-inflammatory
  • prevent cancer
  • Decreases flu symptoms
  • it’s good for the heart
  • Decreases the pain of menstrual cramps
  • Fights diarrhea
  • Good for the skin.

In short, there are many benefits for combating and preventing various health problems. Furthermore, all of these that have been listed are benefits confirmed by science . You will find all the scientific references used in this article at the end of the text.

Learn more about the benefits of this tea

In this topic, we’ll show you a little more about each of the benefits of chamomile tea. This will make you aware of all the best information about the true benefits of this natural drink. Just check out:

help you sleep better

First of all, it is important to start with the most famous effect of chamomile tea: calming , sedating and tranquilizing effect (1, 2).

Many studies have already proven to the world that chamomile has a composition rich in sedative substances, as they act directly on the nervous system.

Therefore, chamomile tea is widely used to help induce and maintain good sleep. Besides being a great option to calm, de-stress and reduce nervousness . Chamomile tea is also a great alternative to reduce everyday stress.

Helps in the treatment of postpartum depression

A study carried out in Taiwan has scientifically proven that chamomile tea is very good for women being treated for postpartum depression (1).

In short, one of the main problems for these women is sleep and anxiety disorders. Therefore, chamomile tea can reduce these symptoms and facilitate treatment.

Fights anxiety

As already mentioned, chamomile tea acts on the nervous system and can reduce anxiety (2). This effect is confirmed by a study carried out in Ohio, USA, where it was possible to analyze the natural anxiolytic action of the composition of chamomile.

The tea from this plant can and should be used as an aid in combating anxiety symptoms, but it cannot replace the use of medicines indicated by a specialist doctor.

So use it to help you sleep at night after anxiety attacks or to alleviate symptoms during such a situation.

It’s anti-inflammatory

A “secret” benefit of chamomile tea is that it is anti-inflammatory (2). Few people know this effect, so chamomile tea is rarely used for this purpose. But this is a medically proven benefit.

prevents cancer

Chamomile tea is an antioxidant, so it is used to prevent free radical damage. This includes diseases such as cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s , for example (2).

Free radicals are substances from our food, stress and various other sources. They hinder the healthy life cycle of cells, which increases the risk for many diseases, such as those mentioned above.

Decreases flu symptoms

Chamomile is a plant with antiviral substances (2). This means that chamomile tea is effective in ending simple flu and other mild illnesses caused by the presence of viruses in the human body.

In addition, it can help treat more serious illnesses that are also caused by viruses, such as pneumonia and even HIV.

it’s good for the heart

Chamomile tea is rich in flavonoids, which are nothing more than the heart’s most protective substances (2). Studies and research show that the regular use of foods with flavonoids prevent heart disease and may even prevent heart attacks.

In addition, regular consumption of chamomile tea also helps maintain the heart and decreases the workload of this essential muscle for life.

Another important feature is that the beneficial effects on the heart are highly recommended for people who have high blood pressure (hypertension).

Decreases the pain of menstrual cramps

Now, a huge benefit for women suffering from menstrual cramps pain. Science proves that chamomile tea helps to reduce these sensations (2).

Research has shown that this is due to the composition of the chamomile that “soothes” the muscles of the female womb.

Fights diarrhea

In addition to reducing colic pain, the composition of chamomile is also able to reduce diarrhea (2). After a survey carried out with humans, it was possible to identify that the tea from this plant acts in benefit of the intestine, helping to fight the causes of diarrhea.

good for the skin

In addition to the benefits of drinking chamomile tea, applying chamomile on the skin also has numerous benefits (2). For example, it can help fight eczema and treat burns and closed wounds.

Chamomile tea: how to make

The recipe for chamomile tea is simple and very easy. Infusion is the most correct way to obtain medicinal chamomile tea. Learn how to prepare by following the instructions below:

  1. Boil 1 cup of filtered water and turn off the heat
  2. Add 1 tablespoon of chamomile and cover for 10 minutes
  3. Then strain and drink without sweetening.

Finally, it is important to make it clear that medicinal chamomile tea should be ingested without sugar or sweetener , as these items negate some of the plant’s benefits.

If you prefer to sweeten it anyway, opt for 1 teaspoon of bee honey, as it also has medicinal benefits.

How and when to take?

It is best to consume a maximum of one cup of chamomile tea per day . More than that is overkill. However, you can even have 2 cups in a single day, but don’t make it a habit.

The best time to have tea is in the late afternoon , but you must be careful with your schedule. Remember that chamomile tea can cause drowsiness, so be careful that this tea does not cause problems in your personal or professional life.

Does chamomile tea abort?

On the internet and in various word of mouth conversations, information circulates that chamomile tea is abortifacient or has effects associated with abortion. This is just a myth . Chamomile tea is only harmful if it is consumed in excess during pregnancy.

In fact, studies show that chamomile tea  is good for pregnant women if its use is not frequent or excessive (3).

It is indicated only when the woman has sleep disorders, nervousness, anxiety and stress. It is not a recommended drink for high-risk pregnancy.

Care and contraindications

Last but not least, we need to tell you that there are some very important precautions when it comes to consuming chamomile tea. Check-out:

  • Do not consume this tea before driving
  • There is an allergy to chamomile, so be careful in this case
  • Chamomile tea can nullify or alter the effect of prescription drugs. Therefore, ask your doctor if the consumption of this drink is allowed
  • When consumed in excess , chamomile tea can cause dizziness, nausea, malaise and headaches .

Therefore, pay attention to these points listed. If you are not included in any of these cases, you can drink chamomile tea at ease and enjoy the benefits of this plant, beloved of many people around the world.