These days, it’s easy to find testimonials claiming that green tea is slimming. But what do experts say about this infusion ?  According to the most diverse researches, this natural product has benefits for the body, including the slimming effect.

Developed from the Camellia sinensis plant  green tea can be found in a variety of ways. For example, for infusions there are sachet and leaf versions . When the patient does not adapt to the taste of this drink, he can enjoy it through the powdered compound or capsules.

In fact, the bitter taste of green tea is one of its main characteristics. But even so, it is one of the most consumed beverages in the world, second only to water. And for all this popularity, tea has been the object of study by health professionals.

But best of all is the practicality that this drink has at the time of preparation. Quick and easy to make, homemade green tea can be a dietary ally and a strong disease blocker. Learn more about this drink later in this article!

Does green tea really slim down?

Green tea is one of the main natural remedies for weight loss , because it is antioxidant, thermogenic and diuretic . “Antioxidants help to maintain high health, and a healthy body loses weight more easily”, explains nutritionist Tamara Mazaracki. (1)

This antioxidant power is the result of the presence of flavonoids, compounds that increase the thermogenesis and oxidation of fats. In addition, they manage to prevent the deposition of fat in the body , regulating body weight . (two)

The catechins, mainly epigallocatechin gallate, act in the prevention of obesity. They are responsible for performing a thermogenic effect, oxidizing body fat and contributing to weight loss. (3)

But in addition to preventing obesity, these same substances help treat this condition and the diseases associated with it. It is also effective in reducing appetite, lipid absorption and blood triglycerides. (3)

And since it’s a diuretic drink, it can reduce fluid retention . For this reason, it is common for people to feel a physical difference when drinking tea, as it can dry the body, eliminating liquids and toxins.

Benefits of this tea

In addition to acting as a slimming agent, green tea and other benefits for the body. Starting with the antioxidant property that can fight oxidative stress in cells.

But this action only exists thanks to the tea catechins, as they are responsible for preventing and treating degenerative and chronic diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. (2) All this without counting the fight against premature aging that occurs for the same reason.

Other studies point to the anti-inflammatory action as one of the main actions of green tea. For this reason, it becomes a natural remedy for alleviating chronic inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis . (two)

The product can also be used as an easy and inexpensive alternative to reduce the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease. Furthermore, it is a type of medication that has few side effects. (4)

Substances in this drink also have chemopreventive and chemotherapeutic properties. In studies, several types of cancer that affect human health can be fought with the aid of tea. (5)

All this without counting the cardioprotective potential that this plant has. For example, green tea regulates systemic blood pressure and plasma cholesterol levels. As such, it can be used as a natural remedy to prevent diseases that affect the heart. (6)

How to infuse?

To make green tea it is necessary to boil 200 ml of filtered water. Then turn off the heat and add a teaspoon of the plant’s leaves. Then stop the infusion and leave it muffled for 3 minutes. Finally, strain and drink without adding sugar, sweetener or honey.

What is the best time to drink green tea to lose weight?

Green tea can be consumed up to three times a day, but ideally it is always after meals . That’s because, studies show that the use of this infusion on an empty stomach can end up harming the health of the liver. (7)

In addition, it is not recommended to take this natural remedy at night , since the drink has large amounts of caffeine. Therefore, overnight use can result in lack of sleep and, in the long run, insomnia.

green tea with hibiscus

Combining the properties of green tea with those of hibiscus , the individual will be able to enjoy a pro-diet combination. That’s because the two plants are recommended for the public who wants to lose a few pounds. According to the nutritionist, hibiscus is a carbohydrate blocker . (1)

To enjoy the benefits, simply pour 200 ml of boiled water into a cup containing a teaspoon of hibiscus and a teaspoon of green tea. Then just smother, wait up to 3 minutes, strain and drink without sweetening.

green tea with ginger

As in the previous recipe, green tea and ginger can help with weight loss. While the former is an antioxidant, thermogenic and diuretic, the latter is an expert in burning fat . (1)

For this reason, it is recommended to prepare a tea with 200 ml of boiled water, a teaspoon of green tea and three slices of ginger. Once all the ingredients have been mixed in a cup, it should remain muffled for up to 3 minutes. After the specified time, it is necessary to strain before drinking, but without sweetening the home remedy.

Green tea: bag, powder, leaves or capsules

There are different ways to find green tea, they are: in leaves, bag, powder or capsules. Depending on the form in which the product is found, there are specific places to make the purchase.

For example , bags and leaves can be found in supermarkets or natural food stores , online or physical. Capsules and powder of this substance are usually sold in compounding pharmacies or drugstores .

But after all, is there one better than another? In fact, all types are trustworthy according to the company that makes them. For this reason, it is recommended to look for stores and pharmacies that do serious work.

Another important point to mention is that the option in capsules is commonly used by people who do not like the bitter taste of this tea. So if you are one of them, it is better to look for a pharmacy to buy your product and benefit from the benefits of green tea.

Contraindications and care with green tea

Just like any medicine, natural or not, green tea has contraindications. Pregnant women, lactating women and children should not use this drink . Also, tea should not be consumed overnight due to its caffeine content.

As for the care with this natural medicine, one deserves to be highlighted: the drug interaction with some medicines. For example, green tea can increase the effect of beta-lactam antibiotics. (8)

It may also reduce the sedative effects of Benzodiazepines and cause an increase in blood pressure if combined with medications such as propranolol and metoprolol. (8)

In addition, it may impair the performance of other cardiovascular medications, such as warfarin, simvastatin, nadolol, rosuvastatin, etc. (8) For this reason, hypertensive individuals should only use this drink with medical supervision.

Taking all these precautions, it is possible to use green tea as a slimming agent. Just follow the recipe for this natural medicine and make the possible and incredible combinations with other plants and spices, such as hibiscus and ginger.