Nature is a particular world within this great Planet, because it carries with it many secrets and plants capable of curing health problems that commonly affect the human body.

An example of this is the joão gomes plant . Herb belonging to the family of Portulacaceae, it is indicated for the treatment of urinary, intestinal, gastric problems and also has a good performance in skin regeneration. Check out!

Properties and benefits of the João Gomes plant

  • Anti-scorbutica;
  • Bequica;
  • Healing;
  • Diuretics;
  • Purifying;
  • Emmenagogue;
  • Emollient;
  • Mucilaginous;
  • Vulnerability.

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Given the medicinal properties already scientifically proven and mentioned above, it is possible to say that joão gomes is indicated for the treatment of problems that affect the skin, such as itching, eczema, calluses, edema, wounds, intense itching and cuts .

In addition, the herb serves to tone up the body’s strength, preventing weaknesses such as physical and mental fatigue or fatigue . Urinary infections can also be treated with this plant, as well as intestinal and gastrointestinal disorders.

How to make joão gomes tea?

In the form of tea, joão gomes can be used in two ways, they are: decoction and infusion. In the first case, use 20 g of crushed roots in a liter of water. Gather the items and place them on the stove. When the tea starts to boil, turn off the heat and cover the container. Leave it for 10 minutes, then just strain and ingest.

In the case of infusion, you should use 20 to 30 g of the roots in the normal way. Place them in a kettle with a liter of boiling water, cover and wait 10 minutes. After the specified time, strain and serve the tea. The tip, in both cases, is to drink up to three cups a day.

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other uses

  • Prepare the salad: Cut the leaves of joão gomes and season with salt, lemon and oil. Serve at lunch or other meals;
  • Use as a poultice: In case of wounds, use the leaves of this plant to help with healing. For this, just apply the herb on the affected region;
  • Compresses: The leaves of the herb can also be used to extract calluses, just place them on top of the edema twice a day, following the treatment until the callosity is reduced.

Contraindications of this plant

Plants and natural products also have contraindications, considering that not all organisms can receive the active principles present in this herb.

For this reason, it is important to emphasize that pregnant women, breastfeeding women and children under 12 years old should not use joão gomes.

In addition to these contraindications, it is worth a warning for patients who wish to enjoy the properties and benefits of joão gomes. That is, it is important to consult a doctor before starting treatment with the plant.

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