Black tea is one of four types of teas produced from the camellia sinensis plant , alongside white tea, green tea and oolong tea. Due to its high caffeine content (it is the strongest among the four types), one of the main benefits provided by the drink is to keep the brain alert, making it a great option for breakfast.But, in addition to the benefits it provides to our health, black tea can also help to remove stains from wooden floors.

Black tea to remove stains from wooden floors

There are several floor cleaning products available on supermarket shelves, but we don’t always know exactly which one will be the best for removing stains from wooden floors without damaging the material.

Natural wood flooring is produced from thick wood, which is treated and cut to be used as a covering, usually presented in the form of wooden blocks, floors and planks.

In addition to the health benefits, black tea is also a great ally in household cleaning. When prepared with strong concentration, the drink helps to clean glass and mirrors, removes rust from pans, polishes and restores the wood’s shine.

Black tea can be used on the weather-paque floor and to polish antique wooden furniture.

How to clean with black tea?

To remove stains from hardwood flooring with black tea, you will need:

– 5 bags of black tea;
– 1 bucket;
– 1 floor or cleaning cloth;
– 1 mop.

Method of preparation of black tea concentrate:

1st step – First, boil a quart of water in a pan;
2nd step – Add the tea bags and let it boil for a period of 10 to 15 minutes;
3rd step – After the infusion is ready, add a liter of cold water to the solution and wait for it to cool.

How to apply on wood?

Moisten the cloth in the solution and apply it to the floor with the help of a mop. Let the wood dry. If you prefer, repeat the procedure with a damp cloth or wax solutions.