According to the Ministry of Health, in a publication made in 2015, Brazil had a drop of 30.7% in the rate of smokers, during nine years of study.

However, even with the decrease, the data still worry health specialists, considering that the government had to spend R$ 41 million, between 2013 and 2014, to buy drugs used in the treatment against smoking.

For these reasons and taking into account the damage caused to the health of smokers, it is necessary to seek effective alternatives against addiction.

Faced with this, know that it is possible to eliminate smoking with the help of herbs and the patient’s own willpower.

Damage caused by cigarette use

The risks provided by this addiction are already widespread, so much so that today even the cigarette manufacturers themselves need to alert the population about the continued use of this product.

Even so, it is always important to remember the damage that the act of smoking causes to health, caused by the chemical composition of cigarettes.

Thus, nicotine together with carbon monoxide are responsible for the emergence of various diseases, such as diabetes and lung cancer.

Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, in turn, can decrease the smoker’s physical resistance. Meanwhile, tobacco is the substance that raises blood pressure and hence increases the risk of heart attacks.

Another big problem is in the immune system, which becomes weak with addiction and ends up exposing even more to the patient’s health.

Tea recipe to end addiction

Most of the herbs in this recipe can easily be found at street markets and even home-grown. With the exception of the mulungu herb, which can offer a certain amount of work to be acquired.

However, it is also possible to find them in specialized natural food stores, both in the city and on the internet.


  • One tablespoon of plantain;
  • One tablespoon of lemon balm;
  • One tablespoon of mulungu;
  • A peeled and chopped lemon;
  • One liter of filtered water.

Method of and consumption

The first step is to put the water on the fire and wait for the liquid to reach its boiling state. Then add the herbs, in any order, and the lemon.

After mixing all the ingredients, turn off the heat and cover the container. At this stage of production, wait for the infusion to be ready for 20 minutes and after the specified time, strain.

Once ready, the tea that will help to eliminate the addiction to cigarettes should be ingested without the addition of sugar, honey or sweetener.

The tip is to have a cup up to five times a day, preferably at times you used to smoke before. Treatment must be continuous for at least 45 days.

It is noteworthy that the main ingredient of this recipe is plantain, as it is responsible for the attenuation of nicotine, a substance that feeds smokers’ addiction.