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Lemon tea – Benefits and properties

by Dianna Leon

Lemon is a very popular citrus fruit and used in many ways and, since antiquity, the Egyptians already knew of its beneficial properties in maintaining good health. This fruit contains flavonoids, magnesium, vitamin C, pectin and limonene, which together fight infections. One of the ways to enjoy the benefits provided by lemon is to prepare a tea with citrus fruit. Lemon tea is well known and appreciated by many people who drink it after meals, to warm up the body on colder days or when they feel the flu is coming.

The properties and benefits of lemon tea

Detoxification of the body

Due to the antioxidants it has in its composition, lemon detoxifies and cleanses the body, eliminating toxins and waste. With this, it helps to prevent the onset of diseases and premature aging.

beneficial properties

Lemon tea has antibacterial, antiviral and antimicrobial properties.

Strengthening the immune system

Rich in vitamin C, lemons strengthen the immune system, acting directly on the body’s defense cells and fighting the virus that causes the flu.


Lemon tea has a relaxing effect on the stomach and is an excellent digestive.


Due to its antibacterial and antiviral properties, this citrus fruit also acts as an effective antiseptic.


Helps reduce sore throat.

How to prepare lemon tea?

To enjoy all the benefits provided by lemon tea, you need to know how to prepare it correctly. Check out the following recipe:


– 1 liter of water;
– 2 lemons;
– Honey, sucralose or stevia to sweeten.

Preparation method:

First, bring 1 liter of water to a boil. Add the skin of the 2 lemons and let it boil for approximately 15 minutes. After this period, turn off the heat and add the juice of the 2 lemons. According to personal preference, sweeten the tea with honey, sucralose or stevia.

This tea can be taken hot or cold after each meal. For breakfast, it is recommended to take it on an empty stomach.

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