Sloth’s arm, cow’s hat, cow’s belly, herbaceous plant and panacea, all these nomenclatures designate the herb capable of treating problems related to menstrual flow, regulating the amount of expelled secretion, the pouch. Shepherd.In this article, discover the advantages of drinking the shepherd’s purse tea, how to prepare it and also what measures should be taken to ensure the safety and health of those who consume this drink.

Benefits and properties of tea

Anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, vasoconstrictor and anti-hemorrhagic. These are some of the properties of shepherd’s purse tea. Thus, the herb becomes an excellent home remedy to treat various diseases that affect the human body and leave the body unprotected.

In this way, the tea from the plant treats menstrual bleeding, regularizing the menstrual cycle and reducing the flow. And for this reason, it is considered a product that fights for the well-being of women. Another factor that highlights this is the fact that this natural remedy works to control the blood pressure rates of those who have low blood pressure, especially women who are very thin.

On top of that, the benefits don’t stop. The use of tea from this plant is effective in treating nosebleeds and cystitis, as it also has a diuretic effect. Simple skin problems will also be eliminated.

Preparing the Shepherd’s Purse Tea

In cases of bleeding, tea from this plant can be very beneficial. To do this, buy the shepherd’s bag sheets at any natural food store, market and even at street fairs. The benefits are most easily found in fresh leaves, but you can also use them dry. Follow the steps below:

Put a cup of water on the fire and allow it to boil. In another container, add two to three scoops (dessert). Then pour the boiled liquid over the leaves, cover and let it rest for approximately 15 minutes. Strain and drink tea after the three main meals of the day (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Precautions and care

People who have kidney stones, pregnant or nursing women are prohibited from using the tea from the plant. Patients suffering from high blood pressure are also advised not to drink this drink, with the risk of becoming even sicker.

However, the use in any case must be accompanied by a specialist doctor for each problem presented, even if the person in question does not fit in any of the risk requirements mentioned above.

Another important tip is to ingest only the indicated dosage, without exaggerating the daily consumption and thus not putting your health at risk. This is because this plant can be toxic in excess .