One of the biggest villains for dieters is sweet food. Pleasant on the palate and practically irresistible, sweets end up helping to increase obesity, in addition to facilitating the development of diabetes.This craving for sweets can be even more intense in women during premenstrual tension (PMS), according to reports. But what can be done, then, to reduce or control the consumption of this type of food?


There are some teas that can help reduce the craving for sweets and can be consumed by those who have this feeling. Generally speaking, mixing fruit teas helps to reduce the craving for sweets, but there are some specific recipes that can help. Interested? Check out the list with some of these teas:

Horsetail with pineapple

Horsetail tea with pineapple has digestive and diuretic action, and may have the addition of mint or lemon balm to make it more flavorful. Best of all, this tea is also delicious when chilled, so it can be consumed easily during the summer. Make a tea of ​​mackerel and, when ready, blend in a blender with a slice of pineapple and mint or lemon balm.

apple with cinnamon

In addition to being very tasty and speeding up the metabolism, being perfect for those looking for weight loss, apple tea with cinnamon helps to reduce the craving for sweets, precisely because it is an aromatic tea. You can serve it with a few drops of lemon.


Garcinia tea is rich in hydroxycitric acid, which helps promote weight loss and reduce cravings for sweets, making it a perfect appetite suppressant. This tea, however, can only be taken for a maximum of three consecutive months.

Other tips

  • In addition to consuming the teas, you can choose to consume foods that are rich in tryptophan, as they act in the production of serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that regulates sleep, controls hunger and anxiety.
  • Physical exercise helps release endorphins, just like chocolate. This will help – and a lot – to reduce the craving for chocolate.
  • Fruits help satiate the craving for sweets due to the presence of fructose, a type of sugar that takes longer to be absorbed by the body.
  • Any food that is high in protein will help stabilize blood sugar levels, so the craving for sweets will be reduced.