The heat that has affected the entire country should not be an excuse for not having tea. That’s because there’s an easy way to benefit from the properties of these drinks and still cool off in this hot season. So, find out: how to prepare some refreshing teas, what are the benefits they provide and how to soften the heat caused by high temperatures.

Refreshing, tasty and healthy teas

This famous drink can be ingested any season of the year, from summer to winter. If in the cold it heats up and hydrates, in the heat it not only hydrates but also helps in the correct functioning of the body and also prevents the development of problems that affect human health. The general tip is that after preparing the conventional tea, you can put it in a glass container and then in the fridge.

Another tip is to make ice cubes with the teas, so when you serve them, add a few pebbles of the drink. The recipes mentioned here are for herbs that can be stored after boiling and still do not lose their nutritional and healthy value. But remember, the drink must be ingested on the same day it is prepared. The longer it spends in the refrigerator, the lesser the concentration of herbal properties will be.

Types of teas

  • Tea-da-India:  The major causes of diarrhea do not survive and much less develop with the use of this tea. Can be used to accompany late afternoon snacks;
  • Black tea:  This drink is thermogenic, so it speeds up metabolism and speeds up weight loss. It should only be avoided at night so as not to disturb sleep, as it contains a lot of caffeine, it can cause insomnia;
  • Yerba mate tea (chimarrão): Well known in the South of the country, yerba mate tea is a stimulant and great for the functioning of the blood system. In addition to being an excellent digestion facilitator;
  • Lemon Balm Tea: Serve as tranquilizer, relieving anxiety. It is also the ideal drink for those with intestinal cramps, as it relieves pain;
  • Ginger tea:  In addition to being used in other dishes and meals, ginger can make tea of ​​excellent qualities. The drink made with this root can be used to refresh and still improve problems in the throat and mouth;
  • Mate tea:  This drink, in addition to controlling bad cholesterol, is able to help people who want to lose weight. It can be served at any time, but because of the action it is recommended that it be before or after lunch;
  • Guaco tea: Anyone who thinks that flu and colds only occur when it’s cold, is wrong! But to avoid these problems there is guaco tea. Which also serves to treat sore throats;