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Teas that help control nervousness

by Dianna Leon

Anxiety and nervousness have become very common symptoms, thanks to the rush of daily life and the great pressure suffered by everyone in the school or work environment, or even due to traffic and living conditions in cities. These problems, however, are not always derived from physical problems, but also psychological ones.

nervousness symptoms

The main symptoms of nervousness are irritation and aggression, causing the person who has this problem to end up responding to others in a severe and aggressive way. In addition, it can cause tiredness, sadness, headaches, agitation, crises of tension and anguish, isolation, bad mood, crises of fear, intense sweating, peaks of emotions, among other things that end up reducing the quality of life. This problem, therefore, must be treated as a disease, and in some cases psychological counseling is even necessary.

There are some natural medicines, however, that can help alleviate the problem, as they are teas made with herbs used in herbal treatment – phyto , which means plant, and therapy, which is the treatment – ​​which has calming properties.

Teas to control nervousness


Borage is a plant that has “hairs”, and these must be removed before preparation. In a container, place a cup of water and bring to the fire. Then, when it reaches a boil, turn it off. Put a coffee spoon of the dried borage leaves and flowers in a cup and pour the water over the top. Cover for approximately ten minutes, then strain and consume. This tea can be consumed when you find it necessary, but always without exaggeration. The plant can cause allergic reactions, so pay attention to how you feel after consumption.


It is scientifically proven to provide relaxation. It also helps to regulate menstruation, relieve cramps, treat nervous insomnia, gastrointestinal problems, bad breath and acts as an invigorating when used for bathing. To prepare, in a container, boil a cup of water. Turn off the heat and add a spoonful of the chopped herb leaves and branches and cover, letting it rest for approximately ten minutes. Then strain and consume always in the morning and in the afternoon.


The preparation of passion flower tea should be done in the same way as the lemon balm tea, but with the leaves and between 6 and 8 grams per cup of water. The tea helps to decrease the activity of the nervous system, calming the mind and body, reducing the symptoms of nervousness and anxiety. Consume one or two cups a day.

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