If you are one of those people who can’t do without tea throughout the day or even enjoy drinking it, surely you must have wondered which variety is better, depending on each phase of your day, right? Well know that this is not a question that belongs exclusively to you. Many people have this same question. Best of all, there really is an indication of the types of teas for each moment of the day.

Whether in the morning, at work, right after lunch, at afternoon tea, or before bed, you will always have an herb that will bring benefits to your body.

But, before incorporating teas with more emphasis in your life, it is worth consulting your doctor. It will give you the necessary assurance that a certain herb will not have more serious consequences for your health.

Tea to drink in the morning

Early in the morning, after waking up, the body is even slower, so the most suitable teas are those that provide energy and energy. For the tea to have the desired effect, the tip is to drink it half an hour before or after feeding, so that it does not interfere with the absorption of nutrients. Therefore, replace the use of coffee with infusions considered to be energetic.

Thus, for this period of the day, the following teas are recommended:

  • Green tea;
  • Black tea;
  • Yerba mate Tea;
  • Orange peel tea with cinnamon;
  • Cinnamon tea with ginger.

Tea to drink during work

If you are one of those people who want to increase your performance at work or even gain more willingness to face the scheduled tasks, nature can give you a little extra help. Betting on the medicinal properties of some herbs, you will be able to reach your peak of income. Certain herbs boost energy while also acting on the mood to get on with the day.

In this case, the teas that are indicated are the same ones you can drink right after waking up: green tea, black tea, mate tea, in addition to ginger and cinnamon. These herbs will stimulate the production of brain neurotransmitters that give energy to the body. This way, you will find that you will be more willing to fulfill all the tasks and the tiredness and boredom will pass away.

after lunch tea

After lunch, the body needs to digest all the food, supplying the needs of the entire body. Therefore, the best option is to invest in herbs that facilitate the digestion process. This way, you will need to wait about half an hour before drinking any kind of tea. This will guarantee the total use of all nutrients by the body.

See which are the most suitable teas for this stage of the day:

  • Mint tea;
  • Bilberry tea;
  • Apple tea;
  • Lemon balm tea;
  • jasmine tea;
  • Ginger tea.

afternoon tea

This time of day also requires disposition of the body, since it still needs to stand a little longer, before the well-deserved rest. Thus, nothing better than being inspired by the English tradition, with the famous five o’clock tea. It is therefore recommended to consume energy teas that allow your body to keep the rhythm, to, who knows, still withstand that trip to the gym.

The teas that are recommended for this phase of the day are:

  • White tea;
  • Black tea with milk.

Tea to relax before bedtime

After an intense day of work and chores, there’s nothing better than getting home, taking that relaxing shower and falling into bed, right? To help with this relaxation, some herbs are more than indicated. In addition to making the body relax, they are ideal for stimulating sleep, they can even help with digestion and eliminate the feeling of heaviness due to the meal made for dinner.

Here is an indication of the ideal teas:

  • Chamomile tea;
  • Melissa tea;
  • Fennel tea;
  • Lemongrass tea.