Increasingly, people are becoming adept at living healthy and this includes a preference for herbs over drugs sold in pharmacies.For this reason, tea is now the third most consumed beverage in the world, second only to coffee and water.

A large part of this preference is due to the fact that infusions can treat health problems and also help with aesthetic issues, such as weight loss, in addition to hydrating the body.

However, the benefits that each herb has can only be seen through adequate consumption. This is because, like everything else in life, drinking too much tea can also be harmful to the body.

Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of the properties of drinks and use them in favor of health and not against the body.

How long is tea beneficial?

The ideal time for the treatment made with tea will depend on the purpose of the infusion, considering that the same herb can be used in different ways. P

for example, the duration of an herb that aims to promote the weight loss process is different from the ideal period for the treatment that this same plant can have in the sense of treating digestive problems.

In other words, what matters is the purpose that is used for the particular infusion. In the case of diuretic teas, for example, they should not be consumed for more than three weeks.

Since drinking these drinks for a prolonged period can cause a reduction in blood volume and in more serious situations, it can result in cardiac arrest.

Green tea, in turn, if consumed for more than three consecutive weeks can alter blood pressure. Hibiscus tea, which, like green, is designed to make you slimmer, also poses risks.

In the latter case, the problem is for women who still want to become pregnant, considering that drinking can cause infertility over time.

attention to moms

In the case of women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, all of the above tips can be replaced by a medical consultation.

This means that, regardless of the purpose of the tea or if the patient is going to drink it only for a week, in these cases the doctor should be consulted.

Because there are herbs capable of causing a pregnancy with problems or interfering with the nutritional content of breast milk.