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teas for the uterus

by Dianna Leon

Fibroids, what are they?

Fibroids are benign tumors composed primarily of uterine muscle that grows and can cause changes in the shape of the uterus. They can remain stable for many years, and then suddenly grow quite large in a short period of time. Common between 40 and 50 years of age, fibroids have no record of occurrence before the first menstruation and are more common in black women.

The main symptoms that affect women with uterine fibroids are heavy irregular menstruation for long periods – which can cause anemia – cramps, bleeding between periods, abdominal pain, pelvic and during sexual intercourse and frequent urinary problems such as urinary tract infection , cystitis, kidney infection and more frequent urge to urinate.

How to treat?

There are no effective treatments for its disappearance, but some medications prevent its growth or even temporarily reduce its size. In addition, treatment can be performed through Uterine Embolization. The technique is less risky than surgery, and consists of interrupting the blood circulation that irrigates the fibroids. The interruption is done by puncturing the Femoral artery and inserting a gelatinous substance that blocks the fibroid nourishment arteries. These, without blood supply, atrophy and die.

For those who choose to follow the drug treatment, as the surgical procedure can be expensive, you can complement it with medicinal plants.

Teas for the treatment of the uterus

  • Uxi Yellow

A common tree in the Amazon rainforest, the yellow uxi provides the house, from which an infusion is made. Its bark has properties that treat menstrual disorders, inflammation of the uterus, fibroids, cysts and hemorrhages.

  • Cat nail

Climbing plant, originally from the Amazon Forest, the cat’s claw has medicinal properties that can be obtained for treatment through the infusion of its bark. Its properties are anti-inflammatory, immunostimulant and anticancer, being effective in the treatment of metastatic tumors, Kaposi’s sarcoma and candidiasis.

Some evidence indicates the benefits of the two plants in reducing or eliminating the symptoms of fibroids, or even in the disappearance of the fibroids themselves. The ideal is to make the concomitant consumption of the two herbs in the form of tea. In addition to them, you can still use plantain.

  • Plantain

Plantain is an herb with many properties that contribute to the treatment of uterine inflammation. Excellent anti-inflammatory, its consumption is indicated daily and exerts, as a complement to a healthy eating routine, a positive impact on the general well-being of women.

Always seek a doctor in case of symptoms, or if symptoms continue with medical treatment. Do not take treatments without talking to your doctor, as even herbs can positively or negatively interfere with the effects of the medications you are taking.

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