From Friday until Sunday night, people forget about work, diet and all the formal obligations of everyday life. This is because the weekend is the favorite time for many, as there is an exaggeration of fun and the rules of good nutrition go unnoticed.

However, soon Monday arrives and with it all the excesses of the weekend. For those who want to eliminate all the overdose of fat consumed during this period, nutritionist Handreza Gomes uses her Instagram profile to indicate the consumption of a well-known spice, cinnamon.

“Because of its properties, it is able to delay the fat storage process and reduce the risk of heart damage in people who ingest large amounts of fat, and also prevents this accumulation in the abdomen region”, cites the expert.

Taking into account the benefits of cinnamon, the tip is to invest in a tea made with this spice. Thus, it is possible that the individual can maintain good health, even in the face of excesses.

How to prepare cinnamon tea?

  • 2 g of cinnamon husks;
  • 150 ml of filtered water.

The first step is to bring the liquid to a boil and after the boiling process starts, add the cinnamon. Then wait for the boil for another three minutes and then turn off the heat.

The mixture needs to be covered for five minutes or longer if the individual prefers the stronger tea. After the specified time, just strain and ingest, without adding sugar, sweetener or honey.