It’s talking about “losing a few pounds”, people automatically think of going on crazy diets, practicing heavy training and even deciding to stop eating properly.It is clear that none of these poorly designed attitudes will make a difference in the body in terms of enabling weight loss. At the same time, all of them can end up bringing some health problem, such as anorexia, anemia, tissue and muscle dysfunction, etc.

In this perspective, the best thing to do is to look for treatments recommended by nutritionists. In addition, there is the option of supplementing the diets prescribed by the professional with natural teas that are beneficial to health, such as cinnamon tea.

This drink can promote the burning of localized fats and improve the functioning of blood circulation. The key to achieving these and other beneficial effects is in the form of preparation. Check out.

After all, what are the benefits of cinnamon tea?

Cinnamon is a natural antioxidant acting to fight free radicals and all other substances that accumulate in the body, preventing the proper functioning of the body.

For this reason, it works by accelerating the metabolism, favoring localized fat burning. Furthermore, it also aids in the digestion process and therefore does not allow the individual to feel bloated after meals.

However, the benefits do not stop with the weight loss process. This is because, cinnamon also promotes better blood circulation, regulates hormones and stimulates memory. And, thanks to the antioxidant effect, it prevents premature aging, leaving the skin younger and hair more preserved.

Tea recipe for slimming

The preparation of cinnamon tea is simple, just add four sticks of spice to a glass of filtered water. Then put the mixture on the fire and wait to boil for 10 minutes.

The special touch and what boosts the recipe is the addition of some cloves. They should be placed in the same container, with the fire turned off, and then covered. After five minutes of infusion, the drink is ready to be consumed.

It is noteworthy, however, that the tea should not be added with sugar or sweeteners. In addition, the drink should not be consumed by pregnant or nursing women, as the substance can affect the baby.