It is a big trend to use teas to aid in diets promoting weight loss, but many of these drinks have no effect. In fact, what’s really a problem is that people think that teas can work miracles, but no herb can help you without you doing your part. That’s because they must be consumed alongside a balanced diet.

the preparation of tea

In addition to not being miraculous, teas, when improperly prepared, can have their effects reduced by losing some of their properties. Green tea, for example, commonly used as a support and aid in diets, in addition to having to be of good origin, should not be made with boiling water, but at around 77°C. This is a problem encountered by those who microwave teas: the water heats up more quickly and it is difficult to control the temperature, so microwave tea may not have the same benefits as conventionally made tea. .

This tea, however, is not the only one sensitive to higher temperatures. Ginger tea, among others, can also lose its properties. Therefore, always ask at a herbalist for the correct way to prepare each of the teas.

Infusion x decoction

It is also necessary to pay attention to the indicated way of preparing the tea, such as the infusion and the decoction, which are quite confused. In the infusion, we put the herb in hot water and smother it, while in the decoction, we boil the herb together with the water.

For seeds, bark or roots, we must make the decoction, whereas for leaves and flowers, in general, the infusion is made.

sachet teas

Teas that come in the sachet, easily found in markets and pharmacies, have the same properties as the herb itself, but the big problem is that they can end up being mixed with other herbs in the packaging process, something that is not controlled from rigorously. So that you can effectively enjoy the benefits of teas, our tip is to always look for herbalists that sell the dried herb. Thus, you can use it pure to prepare tea by infusion, being sure of its properties.

amount of herb

It is quite common to find those who seek more intense effects of tea, and therefore increase the amount of herb. This, however, can be harmful. Chamomile tea, for example, a natural tranquilizer that is widely indicated and popularly used, can have its effect reversed when prepared in excessive amounts or consumed in excessive amounts.

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