Do you know or have heard about the benefits of garcinia tea ? This common drink in eastern countries is made from a plant that has been surprising scientists when it comes to promoting health. See here everything about this plant and its tea.

First, do you know what garcinia is ? Garcinia (also called garcinia cambogia, malabar and goraka) is a small tree from the forests of Cambodia, South Africa, but it can also be found in Polynesia, India and Far Eastern countries. In India, it is used for preparing curries and for preserving food, for example.

Its scientific name is Garcinia gummi-gutta . It is a plant that belongs to the Gutifera family and its most used parts are the dry skin and the pulp of the fruit . Its fruit looks like a small pumpkin and is about the size of an orange.

You may have never heard of garcinia, but you will definitely be surprised by the benefits this plant brings to the human body. See below for the miraculous benefits of garcinia tea!

What is garcinia tea for?

Garcinia tea has been used for many years by people who believe in natural medicine. In fact, this plant has health benefits proven by science . However, it is still a little studied plant and its medicinal properties are still being analyzed.

But even so, we have separated for you the main medicinal advantages of this plant that have already been proven by laboratory research and disseminated on the world scientific scene. Be amazed by the benefits of garcinia:

  • Prevents cancer and other diseases
  • Fight bacteria and viruses
  • It is anti-obesity (helps to lose weight)
  • Help in the treatment of diabetes
  • It’s anti-inflammatory

See how amazing the list of benefits of garcinia tea is? However, it is important to make clear that these are the benefits provided by science to date. Of course there are other healthy advantages, but these are still being studied or tested.

Therefore, we chose those that were mentioned because there is already a scientific basis that proves them. In this way, we make sure that all of these are based on original and certified research and studies. Below, you’ll learn more about each.

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Medicinal properties: See more about the benefits

Now you will see a little more about each of the benefits listed above. This is also where you will confirm that all these benefits are true. The information is based on scientific sources and official research . Check out our scientific references at the end of the article!

Prevents cancer and other diseases

Firstly, let’s talk about one of the main medicinal benefits of this plant. Some recent research has proven the antioxidant action of garcinia (1, 2). Therefore, tea made with this plant protects the body from various diseases such as cancer, for example.

Antioxidant foods are important as they help to inhibit the action of free radicals, preventing the onset of disease and bringing other benefits. Free radicals are substances that hinder the healthy cycle of cells.

Garcinia fights them, thus preventing diseases such as high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s , degenerative diseases and premature aging.

Fight bacteria and viruses

Researches have recently shown that garcinia has antibacterial and antiviral action (1). That is, it can be used to fight bacteria and viruses present in our body, thus reducing the risk of disease.

Garcinia tea works as a powerful sanitizer for the human body . One cup a day is enough for the potential to kill viruses and bacteria. It is noteworthy that by doing this, the immune system is also stronger.

It is anti-obesity (helps to lose weight)

A South African study named garcinia as an anti-obesity food (2). According to the researchers, this plant has a very interesting complexity of properties for preventing and fighting obesity .

According to them, analyzes on the substances of the plant showed anti-obesity activity, which include the decrease of appetite and body fat gain, for example.

Among the benefits against obesity are increased satiety-related hormone serotonin, decreased appetite, reduced body fat, increased adipose tissue oxidation and decreased lipogenesis.

Therefore, garcinia tea can be interpreted as one of the most effective teas when it comes to losing weight . Slimming down using this tea is much easier. So, if you don’t believe it, do the test yourself and be surprised by the results.

However, it is noteworthy that tea, by itself, is not enough for fast and healthy weight loss. For this, you also need to opt for a healthy and low-calorie diet. In addition, physical activity is essential for health and weight loss.

Help in the treatment of diabetes

Another benefit provided by science is aid for diabetic patients. According to research carried out in recent years, garcinia is important as it combats and prevents diabetes (2, 3).

It is the result of its antioxidant potential, as it helps to reduce the chances of developing this disease. On the other hand, these studies show that the properties of garcinia can be allied in the treatment and control of diabetes.

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It’s anti-inflammatory

Medicine has also confirmed that garcinia is rich in anti-inflammatory substances (3). Thus, it helps in the treatment and recovery of inflammatory diseases and relieves the pain caused by these problems.

However, it is worth remembering that it is not trying to fight inflammation with garcinia tea while consuming foods that increase inflammation. In that case, the effect of the drink is nullified.

Therefore, avoid excessive consumption of salt, sugars, fats and spices. Thus, the tea will act on the body and bring benefits, fighting inflammation.

How to prepare tea?

To prepare garcinia tea, the recipe is very simple. Follow the instructions below and you will get the best tea from this plant:

  1. First, heat 1 cup of water in a pot/kettle or microwave.
  2. When the water boils, turn off the heat or remove from the microwave.
  3. Then add 1 scoop of chopped garcinia leaves and cover for 10 minutes.
  4. Finally, strain and drink without sweetening.

You can have 1 or 2 cups of tea a day, depending on the medicinal use you are using. Do not exaggerate consumption, as it can bring problems to your health. Choose to drink tea 1 hour before the meal you eat the most.

Care and contraindications

Despite being a plant and used in natural products, the consumption of garcinia needs to be under some important care. The exaggeration of ingestion of this plant and its derivatives can bring symptoms, side effects and damage to health.

A recent study also found a relationship between consumption of garcinia extract and liver disease (4). Thus, it is recommended that the intake of supplements and extracts of this plant be monitored by a specialist doctor , so that there is no harm to health.

Pregnant women and young children should avoid the consumption of garcinia and its tea, except when prescribed by a specialist physician. Other than that, garcinia tea can be used in many ways to fight various diseases and illnesses through its natural potential.