Stretch marks, according to the Brazilian Society of Dermatology, SBD, are acquired integumentary atrophy.

It arises when the elastic and collagen fibers, which are responsible for the skin’s firmness, break down. In this way, we can consider it as a linear and atrophic scar.

If you have stretch marks and want to get rid of them, you can start with some tea. That’s right! There are some teas that can solve or alleviate this aesthetic discomfort. And when it is possible to combine the properties of certain herbs in a single tea, the effectiveness becomes much greater.

Tea against stretch marks

Tea brings together three elements that act in different areas of our body: horsetail, centella asia and hibiscus. See how each of these plants works:


– Horsetail: due to its diuretic, anti-inflammatory, astringent and revitalizing properties, horsetail tea is indicated for those who want to get rid of stretch marks. It acts on the fibers of the arteries and can even help reduce cholesterol and also acts on the skin’s elasticity, preventing the appearance of stretch marks.

– Centella Asiatica : it is considered tonic, calming, anti-inflammatory, stimulating, diuretic and vasodilating. This last property has a direct benefit for the skin, as it improves blood circulation, preventing cellulite, for example. In addition, it stimulates skin hydration, softening the effects of the disruption of epithelial fibers.

– Hibiscus: Hibiscus tea is also a diuretic, this helps to prevent fluid retention and eliminates the aggravation of problems related to bloating. With this, the skin is more renewed and free from stretch marks.


For better efficiency in fighting stretch marks, cellulite and fluid retention, you should mix the following proportions: 50g of Horsetail, 50g of Centella Asiatica and 50g of Hibiscus.

If you prefer, the mixture is also sold ready-made on some websites in the segment, such as Empório André Resente, via the website In this space, 200g of the mixture of herbs goes for R$ 60.

preparation mode

Put a liter of filtered water to a boil and when you reach that point, add a tablespoon of each plant, which gives about 10 to 15 grams of each. After that, leave it for about three minutes and turn it off. Then, keep the pan closed for about 20 minutes so that the mixture gets better.

Finally, you must strain the tea and drink it up to four times a day. However, you should not leave a large amount of tea ready, as after 12 hours it loses most of its properties, so make only what is necessary to drink in one day.