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Apple and cinnamon tea: benefits and properties

by Dianna Leon

Apple and cinnamon tea is recommended for those who want to lose weight, as it improves digestion, reduces fat absorption and also speeds up metabolism.

Teas have a long history. They first appeared in China, around 2700 BC However, whenever we talk about them we are reminded of England and its much appreciated “five o’clock tea”. This English predilection came about thanks to a visit by the Princess of Portugal, Catarina de Bragança, for her arranged marriage to Prince Charles II. They say she had a cold and ordered a hot drink. His maids made tea with the herbs they brought, and then this drink won the world.

In Brazil, we use this type of drink a lot in winter or in search of its herbal properties. Most of the teas consumed in the country are aimed at treating some ailment. Among the most appreciated, apple and cinnamon tea stands out, which, in addition to being very tasty, has actives that facilitate the digestion process and also speed up metabolism.


The apple has the most diverse therapeutic sources, helps the digestive process, purifies the blood, rich in fiber, iron and is an antioxidant. Cinnamon is a great anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, expectorant, antiulcer agent, in addition to improving circulation and digestion. The tea that combines these two elements is extremely healthy, and also helps you lose weight, as it works very well as an antioxidant, swelling and makes it difficult for the body to absorb fat. It is ideal for diabetics and people with high cholesterol, as it stimulates insulin production and improves the entire blood process.

It can be purchased in bags, with the tea ready, or with dehydrated apple and cinnamon, in pots. Despite these the entire production process, as you only need to add water, two types do not have the same efficacy as tea produced with the fruit. However, regardless of the benefits of this drink, it is recommended that pregnant women do not consume it, as bleeding and even miscarriages can occur.

how to prepare

In a pan, put half a liter of water, two units of cinnamon and the skin of four red apples. Remember to wash the husks well to remove any dirt. With all the ingredients together, bring to the fire and simmer for about five to ten minutes. Then remove from heat, strain and drink. It can be consumed still hot or, if you prefer, wait for it to cool. If you like, add some honey. The indication for those who want to lose weight is to drink three cups of this tea a day.

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