It is undeniable that, as age advances, people’s memory capacity loses its potential. The wear that occurs in the cells of the body is natural as the years progress, but even so, one complaint seems to be unanimous among the elderly: forgetfulness. Whether it’s the name of someone you know, the place where an object was kept or other things that are common in everyday life, often, they simply “disappear” from memory.Given this, are there ways to stimulate memory? Based on this question, experts propose that people stimulate the brain to achieve these results. And, one way to activate this area of ​​the body is to drink a drink made from the marshmallow plant. The herb is rich in vitamin B7, actively participating in the production of acetylcholine, a substance that improves memory and concentration.

Marshmallow Tea Recipe


  • One (tea) spoon of marshmallow;
  • A cup (of tea) of filtered water.

preparation mode

The first step is to bring the water to the fire, wait for it to start boiling and then turn off the stove. The next step is to place the marshmallow in the same container, cover and wait for the infusion for approximately 10 minutes. After the specified time, strain the content and, without adding sugar or sweetener, drink it still warm.

Use of tea

If the desire is to increase memory functionality, the ideal is to consume three to four cups a day of this tea. The tip is to drink it still warm or cold, but always fresh, so respect the amount of ingredients at a time, without exceeding the dosage and having to store it in the refrigerator, once this is done, the drink loses its effects.

Other ways to keep your memory up to date

  • Exercising is a highly recommended way by health experts for those who want to stimulate memory. Exercises like dancing and walking are some examples;
  • Finding friends and having good relationships can be the right outlets for a good memory;
  • Use technology in favor of the brain, as it is a platform that allows for greater user interaction and attention;
  • Brain-stimulating games also help with better concentration and memory, such as crosswords and puzzles;
  • Knowing how to control your emotions also allows for better functioning of the body’s master organ, the brain, and, consequently, memorization is also preserved.