According to the nutritionist and Nutrition Manager at Hospital do Coração (HCor) in São Paulo, Rosana Perim, in an interview published in the newspaper A Tribuna, “there are teas that are highly beneficial to the body and others that can trigger side effects. Therefore, it is necessary to understand what the body’s reactions are when it receives the properties of teas and how to react to them”.

In other words, before starting to consume any type of tea, you should find out what the consequences are. In winter it is no different. Although the drink is an ally in combating the cooling of the body, when temperatures are lower, it is necessary to be cautious when consuming it. At most, take two to three cups a day, as advised by experts on the subject.

What are the direct benefits for those who drink tea in winter

Winter tea prevents disease

If it’s just getting colder and you already start to feel some respiratory discomfort or have health problems, such as flu, cough, asthma, among others, some very hot teas can boost your immunity.

Green tea, for example, has antioxidant properties that help flush out free radicals from our bodies. This directly benefits our health, as they cause some internal imbalances. Green tea also controls diabetes and alleviates complications brought on by arthritis. It is also a powerful ally in fighting heart disease and losing weight.

Tea helps digestion

In winter, we tend to eat more and the body reacts in the most unpleasant way: it works more slowly. This makes digestion take longer, especially at night, during sleep each day. So, before going to bed or after your main meals, try drinking green, cinnamon or mint tea. You will feel lighter and prepared to face the coldest days.

tea gives more energy

Do you know that sloth that hits during the winter? Everyone gets a little softer during this season. However, if you want to ease the tiredness of everyday life, have three cups of rosemary tea with lemon. It can fight the typical headaches, flu, inflammation and allergies of the cold.

Tea promotes relaxation

In the cold, we get more discouraged and lazy… to change that, have a chamomile tea, as it will make you relax without losing the vigor necessary to take care of work, family and other sectors that demand time and disposition.

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