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Powerful teas to lose belly fat

by Dianna Leon


the unwanted tummy

One of the main causes that lead people to diet or exercise is the unwanted protruding belly. It bothers and marks in different types of clothes. To top it off, it appears in people of different ages, heights, weights, etc. Therefore, no one is safe. The good thing is that there are ways to lose that dreaded tummy…it’s not easy, but being well disciplined makes it possible.

Food is one of the most important ways to  lose weight  and lose belly , since you need to keep your intestines functioning well, with a diet rich in fiber and low in salt. Since the purpose is to lose belly, increasing your fluid intake is essential: 2 liters of water a day, and avoiding drinking too much fluid during your meals. Finally, an important tip is to divide your diet into 6 healthy meals during the day, every 3 hours.

Physical exercises are essential to lose weight and belly, a sedentary lifestyle has to be fought. Weight training, walking or whatever you prefer is valid. Another important point is to keep your posture always straight, posture re-education avoids protruding and flaccid belly.

On top of that, if you want more help in accelerating your bulging belly reduction , you can add some tea to your diet. There are some that are good for just that, check it out.

Teas to lose belly

  • Rosemary Tea : Helps in metabolism and digestion, thus helping those who want to lose weight. How to do it: Make the tea by simple infusion and take it after meals.
  • Hibiscus Tea : Helps to lose weight and belly because it is a diuretic and reduces body fat, reducing measures. How to do it: Make the tea by infusion and drink four to five cups a day.
  • Olive Tea : Acts on the dreaded localized abdominal fat. How to do it: Boil a handful of olive leaves in a liter of water and drink three to four cups a day.
  • Dandelion Tea : It has a diuretic function and helps in the better functioning of the intestine, reducing belly protrusion. How to do it: With the water already boiling, add a handful of dandelion and leave for 5 minutes. Strain and consume three to four cups a day.

It is important to emphasize again that tea does not do anything by itself, it is necessary to combine diet, exercise, discipline and tea. Nor should sugar be added to sweeten any of these teas, as the goal is to lose weight and it is preferable that they be drunk fresh.

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