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Spirulina tea slims down and is rich in benefits

by Dianna Leon

Many teas bring, in addition to a large number of vitamins and nutrients, many promises of quick weight loss, it was like that with the well-known green tea and it is being like that with the spirulina tea , a “seaweed” full of proteins that promises to increase the feeling of satiety after ingested and accelerate the weight loss process .


Recent studies show that, contrary to popular belief, spirulina is not an alga: It is a colony of unicellular bacteria of the species Arthrospira platensis and Arthrospira maxima. These bacteria feed on light, carry out photosynthesis, just like plants, and are rich in proteins and beta-carotene.

Spirulina grows in waters with an alkaline pH, and is found mainly in the seas of Japan, France and the United States. For consumption they are found in capsules, powder and as a complement to tonic medications.


Spirulina’s anticancer properties are scientifically proven, thanks to the large amount of beta-carotene found in it. People with high bad cholesterol can also consume spirulina tea, which also works as an antiviral.

Several vitamins are found in spirulina, especially vitamin A, as well as many nutrients. Iron, Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphorus are some of the mineral salts contained in it, which also has a high number of micro minerals important for health.

About 60% of the composition of “algae” is protein, so it is often said that the rapid weight loss caused by the consumption of spirulina infusion does not harm your health.

In weight loss, spirulina acts in a special way, causing a feeling of satiety for a long period, preventing the person from feeling the urge to eat so often. This happens thanks to the natural appetite suppressant power that spirulina possesses, it coats the stomach walls as soon as it comes in contact with it, making it feel full. Spirulina tea also aids digestion and contains many antioxidant properties , preventing the action of free radicals in the body.

Spirulina tea

There are no known contraindications to the consumption of spirulina tea, but its intake should not exceed two cups a day. It is recommended to drink before lunch and dinner. To make tea there is no mystery:

  1. Put 200ml of water in a pan and turn it off before the boil starts;
  2. Pour the water into the cup, add two teaspoons full of spirulina powder and stir well;
  3. Wait five minutes before drinking and do not get sweet.

Spirulina powder can also be added to juices, milk and vitamins.

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