In this article you will learn how to make pineapple tea with cinnamon . Enjoy and discover the benefits of this drink for the health of the body, which diseases it avoids and/or fights and the most suitable forms of consumption . This and much more you can see below!

For this, Tea Benefits prepared a special article to clarify all your doubts. However, even in the case of a natural drink, before including it in your routine, the doctor should be consulted.

It is also worth noting that both pineapple and cinnamon are ingredients that can be easily found in street markets and supermarkets. Pay close attention and acquire more of this knowledge for your life.

Pineapple tea with cinnamon: properties

Pineapple tea with cinnamon is made from natural ingredients, which also includes possible variations for different recipes. Judging by the properties of the ingredients, the body has a lot to gain.

About pineapple , nutritionist Beatriz Prado says that it “stands out not only for its flavor, but also for its properties and the presence of vitamins C, A and B1, the minerals magnesium, copper, manganese, iron, fiber and bromelain”.

As for cinnamon , nutritionist Luciana Silva points out that, “cinnamon is a condiment used by Chinese people for 4,000 years. It has many nutritional properties such as fiber, minerals, iron, essential oil and calcium”.

Now see some recipes from the combination:

  • Pineapple tea with simple cinnamon
  • Pineapple tea with cinnamon and mint
  • Pineapple tea with cinnamon, cloves and mint

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3 pineapple tea recipes with cinnamon

After knowing some properties of pineapple tea with cinnamon, it’s time to learn how to prepare the recipes mentioned above.

1- Pineapple tea with simple cinnamon

To prepare this recipe you will need a liter of water, two slices of pineapple, three pieces of cinnamon stick. The first step is to bring all the ingredients to the fire at once. Once it reaches the boiling point, set it for 10 minutes and turn it off.

Let the mixture rest for another 10 minutes with the lid of the pan closed. After this time, use a sieve to remove all used ingredients. If you prefer, you can sweeten it with a little sweetener or honey.

2- Pineapple tea with cinnamon and mint

Take a pot and put a liter of water and a pineapple skin to a boil. Once it reaches the boiling point, turn off the heat and add two slices of pineapple, six mint leaves and the cinnamon stick. Cover and leave to rest for 10 minutes.

After this time, you will need to help remove all used ingredients. If you prefer, you can sweeten it with a little sweetener or honey. Allow it to cool a little and serve immediately.

3- Pineapple tea with cinnamon, cloves and mint

Add a liter and a half of water and bring a boil with the skin of a pineapple. As soon as it comes to the boil, set it for 10 minutes and turn off the heat. At the same time, add five cloves, a cinnamon stick and 10 mint leaves.

Let the mixture rest for 10 minutes, remembering to keep the lid of the pan closed. After this time, use a sieve to help remove the ingredients and sweeten with sweetener or honey.

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Pineapple Benefits

Pineapple is a fruit rich in vitamins and minerals, that’s why it adds so many benefits to human health. From now on, stay on top of all the benefits linked to the use of pineapple in the recipes described above.

  • It is rich in manganese
  • Vitamin C source
  • moisturizing action
  • It’s good for the immune system
  • Fighting blood clotting
  • good for the bones
  • Benefits eye health
  • Helps in food digestion
  • Helps to lose weight

After knowing all the benefits that pineapple can bring to your health, now is the time to detail them better. Pay attention to what your body can gain from regular consumption of pineapple.

rich in manganese

One of the mineral salts most present in the composition of pineapple is manganese. Just to give you an idea, the fruit has 75% of the daily amount of manganese necessary for the proper functioning of the human body.

Vitamin C source

Pineapple is a fruit rich in vitamin C, so it can be used to boost the immune system , preventing illnesses such as colds and flu. The intake of 100 grams of pineapple already provides 80% of the daily need for vitamin C that the body needs.

In addition, it also stimulates collagen production and eliminates free radicals. On this last item, with the fight against free radicals, diseases such as cancer can be avoided.

moisturizing action

Pineapple is rich in water, vitamins, minerals and fiber. That’s why it can be used with the purpose of hydrating the body, thus avoiding problems such as dehydration. Just to give you an idea, almost 90% of its weight is water .

It’s good for the immune system

Due to the large amount of vitamin C in pineapple, a substance known as ascorbic acid is largely responsible for strengthening the immune system. Because of this, many diseases can be prevented.

Pineapple also protects blood vessels. In short, this ends up favoring the functioning of white blood cells. It is important to highlight that these cells are responsible for the body’s defense .

Fighting blood clotting

A substance known as bromelain, which is present in the composition of pineapple, favors blood clotting. Therefore, the fruit can be used to prevent diseases such as thrombosis .

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good for the bones

Due to the presence of manganese, pineapple can be used by people for bone health. The mineral helps in the construction and maintenance of bone and connective tissues. It also prevents against diseases such as osteoporosis .

It is beneficial for eye health

Pineapple helps to reduce the risk of macular degeneration. Thus, regular consumption of the fruit is also able to prevent problems related to the eyes, especially due to the presence of antioxidants and vitamin C.

Helps in food digestion

Because it contains fiber, pineapple is a fruit that contributes to the proper functioning of the intestine . Another benefit of the ingredient in the same area is that it favors the digestive process.

This happens precisely because of the protein-breaking action that pineapple provides. In digestion itself, the beneficial action comes through a substance known as bromelain.

Helps to lose weight

Pineapple has low caloric density , so the fruit is recommended to be part of the diet of those who want to lose a few pounds. A slice of fruit has 50 calories, which makes it a great snack option.

Cinnamon Benefits

Cinnamon, which is also present in tea recipes, has many benefits related to health and well-being. Follow the progress of the article and stay on top of them all.

  • It’s antioxidant
  • Lowers blood sugar levels
  • Fights infections and inflammation
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease
  • prevents cancer
  • Fight against HIV virus

See how much cinnamon can be beneficial to your body? Now, you will learn a little more about all these benefits presented above.

It’s antioxidant

Cinnamon has polyphenols, which are antioxidant substances. In this way, according to the doctor Juliano Pimentel, it protects the body against “oxidative damage caused by free radicals”. The ingredient also fights the natural aging of cells .

Lower blood sugar levels

A compound in cinnamon can act similarly to insulin. As such, it helps to lower the level of glucose in the body, which prevents glucose spikes. Its use is even recommended for diabetics.

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Fights infections and inflammation

Cinnamon fights infections precisely because of the presence of Cinnamaldehyde. This active component present in cinnamon treats the infection. In the case of inflammation, the benefit is also a result of the action of antioxidants.

Reduces the risk of heart disease

Regular intake of cinnamon has the power to reduce levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides. This causes blood pressure to be controlled, which is directly linked to reducing heart-related problems.

prevents cancer

Cinnamon is an ingredient that is linked to the activation of detoxifying enzymes in the colon. This makes it fight “the growth of cancer cells and the formation of blood vessels in tumors ”, according to Pimentel.

Fight against HIV virus

This property is directly linked to the boost that cinnamon gives to the immune system . As the HIV virus induces the debility of the organism, cinnamon plays exactly the opposite role, strengthening it.


Even though it is a drink made from the use of natural ingredients, pineapple tea with cinnamon must undergo medical supervision . This will prevent specific problems from being developed by the patient.

This is because, depending on certain conditions, tea is not recommended. This happens to pregnant women and children under the age of six. People with gastric problems should also avoid this drink.

How to include pineapple and cinnamon tea in your routine

In this article you had the opportunity to see the benefits linked to the consumption of pineapple tea with cinnamon, as well as the benefits linked to it and the way in which the recipe can be prepared.

It’s no use depositing all the chips solely and exclusively on the benefits of this tea without there being an improvement in your eating routine, as well as the inclusion of physical exercise. So stay tuned!