There is no doubt that the fad diet is called the Dukan. But this name did not come by chance, it refers to its creator, the French physician Pierre Dukan. The mainstay of the diet chosen by 9 out of 10 famous people is protein. In addition, the specialist created a recipe for slimming tea based on pepper with ginger . Know.

The Dukan diet is a four-phase diet. Because of this, the doctor guarantees that in the first week it is possible to lose up to 5kg. The hardest phase of the change in menu is the first, which consists of consuming only proteins .

To give you an idea, the foods allowed in the 1st phase are lean or grilled meats . But they can also be baked or cooked without any kind of fat. In addition, the patient can eat plain yogurt, eggs, skim milk and light cheese. At this stage, you cannot consume anything from the group of carbohydrates, which are sugars, like any type of pasta, sweets and even fruits, as they are rich in fructose.

In relation to the tea chosen by the famous doctor as ‘dry belly ‘, its effect is mainly due to the thermogenic action of the ingredients involved, such as pepper, cinnamon and ginger. See the complete recipe and how to prepare it.

Dukan tea to burn fat


– 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder;
– 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder;
– 300 ml of water;
– 1 sliced ​​lemon;
– 4 cinnamon sticks;
– 1 and a half tablespoons of ginger cut into small pieces;
– 4 blackheads.

Method of preparation

Put the 300 ml of water on the fire and when it is boiling, put the remaining ingredients for five minutes. After that time, keep the pan closed in order to further refine the mixture for another five minutes. After that, just strain and take it during a meal.

Other Dukan Doctor’s Prescriptions for Weight Loss

In the social network, Instagram, the doctor Dukan still recommends some healthy foods. “Oat bran cookies with chia seed is one of my favorite cookies. It has no wheat flour and no added sugars, this biscuit will bring the crunch of the chia seeds and the sweetness of the chocolate icing”.

Dr. Dukan’s savory cake


– 2 tablespoons of oat bran;
– 1 tablespoon of wheat bran;
– 1 tablespoon of light white cheese;
– 3 white eggs beaten in the snow;
– Salt and pepper to taste;
– For the filling: 185g of tuna or 200g of smoked salmon or 150g of shelled ham or 150g of ground beef.

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Method of preparation

The doctor himself teaches the recipe in the following way: “mix all the basic ingredients (except the whites) to obtain a homogeneous paste. Add herbs to taste, season with salt and pepper. Finally, add the filling of your choice and the egg whites beaten in the snow. Once the preparation is complete, pour it into the skillet heated to medium heat and cook for about 30 minutes, return with a spatula and continue cooking for another 5 minutes”.