Those who want to lose weight know very well that there are no miracles: it is necessary to combine a healthy and balanced diet with the practice of exercise. But there are some herbs that can serve as allies to achieve our goal, such as green, white and red teas, known for their positive effects when it comes to eliminating unwanted fat.

The teas are powerful yes, but without exaggeration! Just 6 cups of tea a day helps in the weight loss process.

Enjoy the benefits of herbs without exaggeration

Green, white and red teas are powerful, yes, however, it is necessary to control consumption, especially for hypertensive people, as they can suffer from uncontrolled blood pressure.

Although they provide several benefits to our health and contain no calories, the consumption of teas cannot be done freely. It is necessary to control the doses, and it is recommended to consume three to six cups a day and one hour after the main meals.

Benefits of teas

Regular intake of green or white tea helps prevent and control cardiovascular disease. According to several studies, there is a lower rate of cardiovascular disease and mortality among green tea drinkers. This drink helps in lowering cholesterol levels and controlling blood pressure.

Green, white and red teas are extracted from the camellia sinensis plant and are good sources of antioxidant substances, such as catechins and polyphenols, which work to combat free radicals, preventing premature aging of cells and preventing various diseases. For this reason, people who consume these teas daily maintain their youthful appearance and ensure the maintenance of metabolism.

Green tea is well known for helping in the weight loss process, as it speeds up the metabolism and makes the person burn fat faster. Therefore, the drink is a great ally for those people who want to lose a few pounds, as they maintain a balanced diet and practice physical activities.

Because they contain substances that impair iron absorption by the body, teas should not be taken during meals or right after lunch or dinner. Ideally, wait an hour after main meals.

In addition to helping you lose weight, green tea is also a good ally for those with sensitive gums, as regular drinking can prevent gum inflammation and even malignant mouth tumors.

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