In the fight for the perfect body, you may have already asked the following question: how many kilos of cinnamon tea with ginger do you lose weight ? In the course of this article, this answer will be answered, besides, you will have the opportunity to know more about the drink.

The infusion prepared from the use of cinnamon and ginger can be used with the purpose of losing weight. However, it is necessary that some adjustments to the routine are taken, between dietary adequacy and physical exercise.

Some health conditions also require a little more care when drinking tea. To avoid complications the doctor should be consulted. In this article you will also have the opportunity to learn a little more about this point.

How much weight do you lose with cinnamon and ginger tea?

Depending on each patient’s metabolism, cinnamon and ginger tea can promote the loss of up to 6 kg. This is possible thanks to the properties that the ingredients have in relation to burning calories.

The slimming effect of cinnamon tea with ginger comes from the action that promotes the elimination of toxins from the body. Added to this, both ingredients have a thermogenic effect , which promotes fat burning.

However, it is good to be aware that this result will only be possible through the adoption of healthy practices for your daily life. The first of these is dietary adequacy . It’s not use investing in tea intake and continuing to eat fried foods, for example.

Other than that, the practice of physical exercises should also be part of this readjustment. Therefore, seeking help from a professional may be the best option. This ensures accountability for what you are proposing next.

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Recipe: See how to make and use

Cinnamon tea with ginger for weight loss can be made using the following ingredients: 200 ml of hot water, 2 pieces of cinnamon sticks, 1 tablespoon of grated ginger. Let it sit for 10 minutes before ingesting.

The indication is not to sweeten the drink. As for consumption, the first dose should be in the morning, on an empty stomach. However, you should take small portions during the day. When it’s time to conserve it, the refrigerator is the best option.

Benefits of Cinnamon Tea with Ginger

The combination of cinnamon and ginger, in addition to being very tasty, has a series of properties. Know the main ones in this list prepared by Tea Benefits :

  • slim down
  • reduces cholesterol
  • Relieves pain
  • Prevents colds and flu
  • Fighting diabetes

Now it’s time to get to know all the benefits in more depth.

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reduces cholesterol

Cinnamon ginger tea reduces the body’s absorption of cholesterol. This is due to the increased processing of fats by bile acids.

Relieves pain

Continuing the benefits associated with the drink, it has anti-inflammatory and antifungal action. In this way, it can be used to combat the pain caused by arthritis . The drink also has the power to reduce body swelling.

Prevents colds and flu

Due to its antiviral action, tea has the power to prevent viruses and bacteria from attacking the body, preventing illnesses such as flu, cold and even infections.

Fighting diabetes

The consumption of cinnamon tea works against diabetes. “It increases insulin sensitivity, which helps expand the satiety center in the brain and lowers blood sugar levels , and may help in the treatment of people with type II diabetes,” says nutritionist Carol Morais .

Does ice water with ginger and cinnamon make you slim?

Ice water with ginger and cinnamon does help in the process of shedding extra weight. In addition to the thermogenic power of the ingredients, the issue of cold water can also contribute positively to this.

Cinnamon stabilizes sugar in the bloodstream. In this way, the insulin level is controlled, which causes the body to store less fat when it is converted into energy.

Ginger has a substance called gingerol. It has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and detoxifying action. It stimulates liver enzymes to eliminate toxins present in the body.

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Furthermore, cinnamon and ginger have a thermogenic effect. This causes body temperature to rise and metabolism to be accelerated . This condition causes fat burning to be induced.

For those who were in doubt about the temperature of the water, know that it does interfere. In this sense, the body needs to expend energy to bring it to body temperature. This ends up helping with weight loss.

Recipe for water with ginger and cinnamon

After proving the action of water with ginger and cinnamon, it’s time to learn how to prepare it. Set aside 1 liter of filtered water, 5 slices of ginger and a cinnamon stick. Leave to rest in a bottle and drink during the day.

For those who prefer, this same recipe can be used to make the infusion. If you prefer, you can also replace the ginger slices with a tablespoon of grated ginger.

In addition to having a very characteristic flavor, cinnamon, when added to ginger, has several benefits for the body, especially with regard to weight loss.

Does cinnamon tea with ginger abort?

During pregnancy, attention to the intake of some foods, plants and consequently teas, should be increased. As for cinnamon and ginger tea, the idea should be no different. However, the tea has no proven abortifacient effect .

It is important to remember that this statement is based on the assumption that ingestion is small and supervised by the physician. In some cases, it is believed that even in small doses , the infusion can regulate hormones.

From the specific properties of cinnamon and ginger, it is possible to reach a plausible conclusion about what can lead to miscarriage. Cinnamon is a stimulating ingredient that increases blood circulation and body temperature.

Ginger makes the metabolism accelerate. Joining the two properties, it is believed that both can induce muscle contractions, including in the uterus . This can cause the uterus wall to detach, similar to what occurs during menstruation.

All of this would result in abortion. However, it is important to emphasize that this entire explanation has no scientific basis. Therefore, it is essential that the doctor is consulted and monitor the treatment with cinnamon tea with ginger.

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Ginger tea with cinnamon raises blood pressure?

From the properties presented by ginger, the tea prepared with the addition of cinnamon is contraindicated for patients suffering from hypertension , also known as high blood pressure.

It turns out that blood vessels are dilated due to the thermogenic action of ginger and also cinnamon. This effect can directly interfere with the increase in blood pressure.

The ingestion of cinnamon tea with ginger should be avoided even by those who take medication to control blood pressure. It is important to highlight that interference with blood pressure is not scientifically proven.

Unraveling the mysteries of cinnamon and ginger tea

For all that was presented and developed throughout this article, now you can say that you know a little more about the benefits of cinnamon tea with ginger. What’s more, the way it’s prepared.

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Here, you had the opportunity to learn about some recommendations and restrictions regarding the consumption of the infusion. In addition, for any other queries, the doctor should be consulted. This avoids a number of possible problems.

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