Do you know if carqueja tea loses weight ? Here you will discover all about the potential and benefits of this natural drink for weight loss and overall health. Learn how to use this tea to lose weight and get better quality of life and health !The carqueja ( Baccharis trimera ) is a shrub-type plant, rich in medicinal properties. It can reach 80 cm in height and has branched stems. It has thin branches and its flowers are yellowish and grouped. The parts used in the production of teas are the leaves.

Like some other teas, this one can be used to help with various health-related goals, such as losing weight and improving quality of life, for example. So, find out how to use tea to lose weight and other benefits of this drink!

Does carqueja tea really lose weight?

Yes, carqueja tea is a drink that helps in the weight loss process . And all this is proven by science! A study showed that the diuretic and digestive action of the consumption of carqueja properties help in weight loss (1).

Furthermore, scientists discovered, after conducting tests on humans, that carqueja is able to improve bowel function and decrease appetite . These are two important factors when it comes to reducing measures.

However, the real slimming power present in this tea is its diuretic effect. This action is important for weight loss as it eliminates fluid retained in the body. This is one of the ways to reduce measurements in the abdomen region in a quick and healthy way.

Another advantage is that the tea, in its natural state, has almost no calories . Thus, it can be consumed in place of the traditional coffee after meals, for example. In addition to adding benefits to the body and helping to lose weight, it will also help with digestion !

However, it is important to mention that this drink should not be sweetened . In Brazil and in some other countries, it is customary to sweeten natural teas. In that case, sugar (or sweetener, or even honey) will lessen the slimming effects of the tea.

Therefore, choose to consume tea in a natural way. Over time, you get used to it and learn and enjoy the flavor of the plant.

How to prepare tea?

The recipe for coke tea is very simple. Follow the steps below to prepare the best and healthiest tea from this plant:

  1. Heat 1 cup of water and turn off the heat.
  2. Add 1 teaspoon and ½ of dried carqueja leaves (equivalent to 6 g of leaves) and leave covered for 10 minutes.
  3. Then strain and drink without sweetening.

Ideally, this tea should not be sweetened. Sugar cancels out some of the main benefits, such as the antioxidant action and the power to lose weight, for example. However, if you prefer to sweeten it anyway, opt for honey, which is also a natural and beneficial option.

How to take correctly

About the dosage, it is recommended to take 1 cup a day, 2 cups maximum . Crack tea does not have many contraindications. As long as there is no exaggeration, tea does not cause serious harm. See the topic “Care and contraindications”.

The best time to drink coot tea is after meals . As it is a natural drink with digestive properties , it is beneficial to consume it after lunch, for example.

Other benefits of carqueja tea

As everyone knows, carqueja tea has more benefits than just helping with weight loss. Therefore, we have separated for you a list with the main benefits of this drink.

In addition to being super tasty and flavored, this natural drink is rich in nutrients that are good for the human body in many ways. See what the carqueja tea is for:

  • prevents cancer
  • Good for the stomach and digestion
  • Fight infections
  • it’s diuretic
  • Helps lower blood pressure
  • protect the liver
  • Fighting pains
  • Helps reduce glucose level
  • Eliminates harmful microorganisms

Importantly, all these listed benefits are proven by medical and pharmaceutical science. Below, you will see a little more about each of them and you will be able to find the scientific sources that prove the veracity of these benefits that they are true.

What it is for: See more about the benefits

Here you will see more information about each of the benefits listed above. This is also where you will confirm that all of these health benefits and advantages are true. The information is based on renowned scientific sources and research . Check out our scientific references at the end of the article!

prevents cancer

First, the study proved that carqueja tea has antioxidant action . Therefore, it prevents damage caused by free radicals and reduces the chances of age-related diseases, such as cancer, for example (2).

The antioxidant effect of food is important to protect cells from some known bad guys. Free radicals are substances that enter our bodies through food and cause cells to oxidize, which can lead to cancer.

In particular, studies carried out in South America have shown that this plant contributes to a lot in cases of leukemia and prostate cancer (4, 6). The research found promising interactions with the DNA of tumor cells, which could speed up and facilitate cancer treatment.

Furthermore, the same study confirms that the antioxidant effect of carqueja is of paramount importance to prevent cell damage caused by stress. As if that wasn’t enough, medicine also proves that the plant’s properties serve to prevent neurodegeneration .

Thus, the consumption of carqueja tea is also indicated to prevent cases of brain and cognitive diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease .

Good for the stomach and digestion

Another benefit of carqueja proven by science is that it is a plant with digestive properties (3, 4). In addition to protecting the stomach and facilitating digestion, the properties of carqueja help in the treatment of acute and chronic ulcers.

This benefit is due to the ethanol and acetic acid present in the carqueja’s nutritional composition. So, if you want a tea that is good for the digestive system, you already know that you can bet on carqueja. I hope boldo tea doesnt get jealous!

Fight infections

When it comes to infection, some recent studies have shown that carqueja has a very someones potential in some cases. Laboratory researches prove that this plant inhibits the action of infectious agents that cause Schistosomiasis and Chagas Disease, for example (4).

Despite its very specific effect on these types of infection, it is believed that cravings can be of help in many types and cases of infection. However, research that seeks to prove this phenomenon is still being carried out.

Who knows, in the near future, the carqueja may assume the position of flagship when it comes to treating infections!

it’s diuretic

Science has also confirmed that carqueja tea has a high diuretic effect (4). Thus, the regular consumption of this natural drink causes the urinary flow to increase.

As we’ve talked about before, this benefit is the key to the slimming power of carqueja tea, but it’s not just for slimming that this action serves. This benefits the functioning of the kidneys, combats fluid retention and is good for the urinary system in general.

Consuming foods with a diuretic effect is very important to give quality urine and keep the kidneys (and the urinary system in general) healthier and sanitized. On the other hand, combating fluid retention can also be the key to losing measurements in the flank and abdomen region.

Helps lower blood pressure

It is also proven to benefit those who suffer from high blood pressure. For this, carqueja tea helps to lower blood pressure (4). Flavonoids, which are also responsible for the plant’s diuretic effect, are substances that promote hypotension .

However, to obtain this benefit, it is important to consult a physician. Once the patient is already undergoing treatment, the use of carqueja tea can make the pressure drop too much, which also causes problems.

protect the liver

Several scientific sources point to carqueja as a plant with hepatoprotective properties (4, 5). In other words, we are talking about substances capable of protecting and improving the functioning of the liver.

As everyone knows, the liver is an important organ in the digestive and metabolic system. It is very important to take care of the health of this organ, as it works hard to work on processing everything we eat.

Fighting pains

Some scientific studies have also proven that carqueja has an analgesic effect (6, 7). Thus, the tea produced with the leaves of this plant is able to relieve pain in general. For example, headaches and back pain .

It is noteworthy, however, that we are talking about analgesic and non-anesthetic effects. It’s not like tea will make the pain go away right away. This benefit is recommended for patients suffering from constant pain. Drinking the tea once may not have much effect.

Helps reduce glucose level

Carqueja tea is also suitable for diabetics . This is because medicine has proven that this is a plant with anti-diabetic substances , capable of improving insulin production and decreasing glycemic levels in patients with this disease (5, 6).

It is important, however, that the patient consults with a doctor before starting treatment with carqueja. The plant can potentiate the effect of the medicines used, which can result in a severe low glycemic.

Eliminates harmful microorganisms

Last but not least, carqueja tea is capable of eliminating bacteria, fungi and microorganisms that are harmful to the human body (8). All this benefit is proven in medical studies that claim that the properties of carqueja are the great villains of the little beings that harm us from the inside out.Care and contraindications

As with all drink and food, overdoing is the enemy of health. Do not exaggerate the consumption of carqueja tea, as this can end up harming the body.

Carqueja tea is contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women , as it can alter the woman’s rates, which can harm pregnancy and the production of breast milk.

It is also not recommended that people with low blood pressure make regular use of this tea. As mentioned above, carqueja has hypotensive components. This can cause the pressure to drop too low, which can put the patient at risk.

Tea is contraindicated for children under 6 years of age.