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Benefits of Green Tea Slimming and More!

by Dianna Leon

Rich in antioxidants, which act against premature aging, and an excellent catalyst for weight loss, green tea ( Camellia sinensis ) is one of the most consumed infusions in the world. Several benefits can come from this tea, including prevention against some types of cancer. In its ingredients you can find, in addition to antioxidants, minerals, caffeine and vasodilators. It can’t be denied that green tea is rightly liked, even Herbalife is a fan of its properties .


In addition to losing weight , green tea can also delay cell aging and even more efficiently than the antioxidants contained in vitamins C and E. Degenerative diseases, such as atherosclerosis and arthrosis, are more difficult to be contracted by those who take the tea. Its benefit that calls a lot of attention is the prevention of cancer cases, such as mouth, lung, skin, ovary, prostate and breast. This happens because of the catechins and bioflavonoids contained in its composition, as they act by preventing changes in DNA, which would act as the starting point for the development of tumors.

Lose weight with green tea!

Combining this infusion with a balanced diet and constant physical activity results in quick and healthy weight loss, after all, the tea is rich in properties that are good for health. With green tea, toxins are eliminated from the body and metabolism is accelerated , burning fat faster. It also helps to deflate and has lipolytic action.

The best way to prepare

Green tea, despite its many benefits, has a bitter taste that sometimes makes life difficult for those who want to drink it. Thinking about solving this little problem, we brought a list with some tips to improve the taste:

  • In the water that will be prepared for the tea, boil together a piece of pineapple, lemon, mango or other fruit of your choice;
  • Add other herbs such as mint, lemongrass, lemongrass, etc.;
  • Add a few drops of lemon to plain tea;
  • Adding some other citrus juice also increases the drink’s benefits. Add a few scoops of orange juice and the antioxidant powers will be optimized!

Stay tuned!

Use of green tea should be moderate. Its excess can have side effects such as heart palpitations, dizziness, insomnia and increased irritability. Hypertension sufferers should avoid it as it can increase blood pressure. People who have stomach problems, such as gastric ulcers and gastritis, should also not drink. Pregnant and nursing women should ask their doctor whether or not they can drink the tea.

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