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Mate tea – benefits of this slimming herb

by Dianna Leon

Among the many teas full of health benefits that are currently being advertised, the traditional mate tea still manages to stand out. Widely consumed in the South and Midwest regions of Brazil, tea is the raw material for chimarrão and tererê, and its characteristics are slightly bitter and medicinal properties that help fight the formation of fatty plaques that cause heart attacks, besides helping to reduce the tummy.

about the herb

Yerba mate, scientific name Ilex Paraguariensis , is a very sensitive tree to the sun, originating from South America, more specifically from Paraguay. It has a gray stem, oval leaves, bears small reddish-purple fruit and can reach 12 meters in height when it reaches maturity.

The onsumption of mate tea is also strong in other countries, Argentina is the largest producer of mate, which has 174 thousand cultivated hectares, exports the herb to several countries such as Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and China.

About the benefits

It has been scientifically proven that mate tea is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C and E, in addition to containing a large amount of proteins and minerals such as calcium and potassium.

The concentration of flavonoids in yerba mate tea is also high, which prevents the accelerated oxidation of the body’s cells.

Substances that prevent the action of free radicals in the blood are found in mate tea, and free radicals are the main villains behind heart attacks. They oxidize the bad cholesterol molecules , known as LDL, turning them into fatty plaques that quickly attach to the artery walls, causing heart attacks.

Its power for those who want to lose weight

In addition to preventing the formation of fatty plaques, kill tea also prevents the absorption of LDL present in food, so recent studies show that tea is a great partner when it comes to weight loss, as it prevents the body from accumulating fat. But to feel this effect it is necessary to consume at least one liter of tea a day, always drinking a cup of it 15 minutes before each meal.

When consumed in the form of a tea, yerba mate gains diuretic properties, another factor that makes you lose weight . It prevents the body from accumulating unnecessary fluids and keeps you from feeling “bloated”.


Mate tea has caffeine as well as cola soft drinks and coffee, so it works as a stimulant and is indicated in times of fatigue and depressive states. Consumption must be done with care, and pregnant women and people with severe heart problems should only consume the tea after medical authorizatio

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