As much as this type of tea is very popular during the summer, fluid retention by the body can also occur at any time of the year. This type of illness causes swelling in the feet, legs or other parts of the body. It usually occurs at the end of the day, causing marks on the skin to be noticed. Retention can cause edema, which is a result of the leakage of fluid poor in blood proteins, which leaves the blood vessels and settles in the subcutaneous tissue. If swelling is very high and does not go down with natural prescriptions, see your doctor. But in general, drinking a lot of water is essential for the body to function well, and this type of tea, in addition to being very tasty, also helps to reduce accumulated liquids, which are largely responsible for the dreaded tummy.Draining teas have properties that help release toxins, fight cellulite, help deflate the body and even lose weight. This type of drink has several mixtures, and it is important to know that, according to nutritionists, the main ingredient must be changed every three weeks to ensure its effects. In other words, if you use lemongrass tea, at three weeks, switch to green, horsetail, mint and so on. For the effects to last even longer, avoid consuming sodas or juices that are high in sugar, and drink plenty of water.

Mint Draining Tea

In a jar, add a sliced ​​​​lemon, a peeled and sliced ​​​​cucumber, a teaspoon of freshly grated ginger and mint leaves. Add 1.5 liters of water and let it stand overnight. Drink tea during the day, iced or natural.

Green tea with horsetail

Green tea is already a well-known natural diuretic that helps burn fat. In conjunction with horsetail, which eliminates toxins, it becomes a powerful drainer. Mix a scoop of green tea leaves with a teaspoon of horsetail. Add two liters of water, heat for approximately five minutes. Then let it cool in the fridge. If you like, add lemon slices.

ready tea

For those who have little time to prepare, or prefer more practicality, there are already ready-made draining teas, which are usually found in powder form. They are sold in pharmacies, health food stores or grocery stores. Just mix the measure prescribed on the package with ice water. It is very useful for those who need to take them elsewhere and drink during the day.