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Top 5 teas to lose weight

by Dianna Leon

The search for weight loss and diets has become increasingly common, as well as detoxification of the body and thermogenics that can help speed up the metabolism, contributing to weight loss. Some natural medicines, however, can follow as a replacement for the industrial ones commonly taken by people for these purposes.

Some teas have thermogenic properties and, when consumed daily, help speed up the metabolism, providing the desired weight loss. For this, the big secret is to consume, as we have already mentioned, daily, but in an amount of three to four cups. By consuming these teas, with the acceleration of metabolism, you will be able to increase fat burning and, consequently, fat burning. In addition, some herbs also have lipolytic action, that is, they manage to break down fat molecules that are already accumulated in the body.

Diuretic and detoxifying teas

Some teas that provide weight loss also act in the elimination of toxins in the body. These, when not eliminated, impair the functioning of the lymphatic system, making it difficult to lose weight. In addition, detoxifying teas help to reduce the formation of gas, responsible for the feeling of a bloated and voluminous belly.

Diuretics, in turn, help the kidneys to properly filter impurities out of the body. This helps fight bloating and improves the body’s function, which will respond better to diets.

the preparation

An important step to be able to take advantage of the properties of each of the herbs that provide weight loss, is to prepare them correctly. Some small details are also important, such as not using stainless steel and aluminum, for example, as these interfere negatively with the tea’s properties.

Top 5

So let’s go to the list of the 5 teas we have selected to help you lose weight?

1st – Cinnamon Tea with Ginger

Cinnamon ginger tea can be drunk hot in winter or cold in summer. Its function is to speed up metabolism, also helping to burn calories due to the properties of its ingredients. The tea also provides energy and improves mood, not only for routine activities, but also for physical ones. To prepare, use the proportion of five liters of water, a cinnamon stick and two medium slices of ginger root.

2nd – Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus tea has properties that help to deflate, eliminating all fluid retention. In addition, it fights free radicals, protecting the skin from premature aging. The tea also helps in reducing fat and burning calories. To do this, prepare with a liter of boiled water and a teaspoon of infused hibiscus.

3rd – Blue Tea

Blue tea, made from the same herb as green tea, is between green tea and red. What changes is the fermentation process they go through. With properties that help in weight loss by speeding up metabolism and burning fat, the tea also prevents aging and controls cholesterol. It still acts as a diuretic, but as we said, it must be prepared correctly. Use the ratio of one teaspoon of blue tea leaves to each cup of water. For this one, an additional note: the resting time after boiling should not exceed three minutes, as blue tea oxidizes very quickly.

4th – Carqueja Tea

Little known among people, carqueja tea promotes the elimination of toxins, and is very suitable for those with high levels of bad cholesterol. To prepare it and enjoy all its benefits, use the proportion of two tablespoons of the herb for each liter of water. Remember: adding sugar is against the purpose of its use, so don’t do it.

5th – Dandelion tea

Last but not least and beneficial, dandelion tea. This herb has a diuretic action, helping to eliminate fluid retention. In addition, it has fiber, helping to reduce constipation and the swelling and discomfort caused by it, and also gives you a feeling of fullness for longer.

Discover 5 teas that will help you lose weight

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