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Cinnamon tea slims and is rich in benefits

by Dianna Leon
Cinnamon tea

According to a university research done in the United States, cinnamon can dramatically lower the levels of sugar present in the blood, and thus can reduce the chances of developing diabetes . This can be achieved if a person incorporates the habit of adding a spoonful of cinnamon to their breakfast food into their routine.

The conclusion reached by the scientists was that cinnamon lowers the concentration of glucose in the blood and also increased insulin sensitivity. The researchers were optimistic with the results, as nearly eighty million American adults are predisposed to diabetes and cinnamon is a simple and tasty food that can be easily included in people’s diets and can be added to a wide variety of foods. .


Other benefits of cinnamon

  • Cinnamon has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, thus fighting bacteria and fungi of harmful types. It is also very effective against candidiasis and ulcers.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties and acts in the tissue disinflammation process, among others.
  • It is a rich source of substances such as manganese, iron and calcium.
  • It has certain substances that fight free radicals and this contributes, for example, to preventing premature aging and weakening of the hair strands.
  • It helps in cases of diarrhea, molar pain, simple colds and stimulates memory.
  • It has benefits for those who want to lose weight : Its thermogenic effect promotes an increase in body temperature, thus enabling the burning of fat; It makes the stomach empty more slowly, so the person takes longer to feel hungry; Eliminates the craving for sweets due to its sweet taste. It can even be used to sweeten milk, coffee, juices and vitamins.

Cinnamon Tea Recipe


– 0.5 to 2g of cinnamon husks (equivalent to one to four teaspoons)

– 150 ml of water (equivalent to a cup of tea)

Way of doing:

– Boil the water and place the cinnamon husks in it , so that the medicinal properties are released;

– Leave it boiling for a few more minutes;

– The sauce should be left until the water is quite dark, this indicates that the tea is strong;

– Removes the husks and the tea will be ready for consumption.

Heads up

Pregnant women should not consume cinnamon tea as it can have an abortive effect.

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