Tea is not just a natural drink that warms the body and soul. This liquid is also indicated to dismember the action of harmful agents in the body. In addition, teas can serve to improve the body’s functions and also help in the search for a fit body. Knowing how to select the ideal leaves for each occasion is decisive to achieve the desired benefits.


As the name suggests, these teas make it difficult for the virus to access the body, being able to protect the body against diseases, such as colds and flu. In addition, drinks with this property strengthen the immune system, making the consumer even stronger. They are also anti-inflammatory and analgesic.

Some teas with these properties are: licorice, garlic, eucalyptus, lemon, ginger, guaco, elderberry and willow. Faced with this, there are also some contraindications. For example, pregnant or nursing women, people who have low blood pressure and who suffer from gastritis should not use this natural remedy.


They are ideal for those who have severe abdominal cramps and pain. That’s because these teas can relax the muscles in the gastrointestinal tract. As they also facilitate the digestive process, they may be able to reduce intestinal and stomach gas caused by a problem in digestion.

To achieve these benefits, teas can be made from Chilean boldo, chamomile, gorse, cascara sagrada, espinheira-santa and peppermint. The use of these drinks is only restricted to pregnant women and those in the process of breastfeeding.


The diuretic property is responsible for the proper functioning of the kidneys and, consequently, for the correct elimination of urine. By adopting the habit of drinking teas with this benefit, the body is able to more easily absorb the sodium and water present in the body and, also for this reason, it carries out a process of cleaning and treating urinary infections.

Burdock, marsh cane, horsetail, leather hat, dandelion and stone breaker are some of the ideal drinks to achieve success in diuretic procedures. It is worth betting on mixing some of these herbs and preparing an infusion with such potential. However, not everyone can drink these teas, as is the case for people who suffer from low blood pressure, kidney or heart failure, and pregnant and lactating women.


Thermogenesis is the process the body does when transforming fat into energy for the body. So, thermogenic teas are excellent for those who want to lose weight, considering that these drinks speed up the metabolism and, consequently, increase the burning of calories. That way it’s easy to “look good” with the scale.

The champions in the list of teas indicated to act in a thermogenic way in the body are: cinnamon, green tea, cloves, bitter orange and ginger. Although they are natural and healthy products, their consumption is not indicated for people with heart problems, as well as breastfeeding or pregnant women.