When body weight satisfaction is at stake, many people have something to complain about. In this sense, nature offers a series of options, in the form of plants, so that weight loss can be achieved.

Still with regard to weight loss, sucupira tea is well researched, precisely because people believe that it has this power to help with weight loss . But is this really true?

After reading this article, you will clarify this and many other questions about sucupira. Remembering that the plant has many health benefits. However, even if it is a natural ingredient, it has to be used responsibly.

Using a medical evaluation is important. Only this professional has enough knowledge to attest to its use. It is also important to listen to the guidelines to avoid complications, especially due to the peculiar condition of each organism.

Does sucupira tea lose weight?

If this was the question that motivated your search about the properties of sucupira tea, it is good that you know that there is no scientific proof that the sucupira loses weight .

Still, there are some reports from people who have used sucupira tea that proves that regular drinking of the drink has slimming properties. In this sense, it is good to take into account the context in which it is inserted.

When combined with a balanced diet and regular physical exercise, sucupira tea can be used for weight loss. Replacing juices and other high-calorie drinks with sucupira tea, for example, can be a good option.

“We have already been able to prove that the sucupira seed has substances that are involved with the process of inhibiting pain, inflammation and cancer, especially prostate cancer”, says Unicamp biologist Mary Ann Foglio .

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Depending on the habits adopted by each person, along with the benefits of the tea in question, weight loss can be reality . However, always consult your doctor to avoid health complications.

“All tea helps to hydrate the body, it may even have some phytonutrients, but nothing miraculous. There is no miracle when it comes to weight loss. You have to base your diet on healthy fats, high biological value proteins, vegetables and vegetables”, says doctor Patrick Rocha .

sucupira properties

Sucupira is a plant that can be used in the process of treating and curing many diseases. For this, it is good to use your parts correctly to avoid problems such as allergies and other reactions.

Studies and scientific research indicate that sucupira has antibiotic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, tonic, stimulant, antirheumatic and anticarcinogenic properties. So it can be used widely.

In addition to sucupira tea, which can be made using the plant’s bark and seeds, there is also oil extracted from the plant’s seeds . It is indicated for pain, especially in cases of arthritis and rheumatism .

Furthermore, studies also point to the presence of antioxidants, which fight free radicals, and the bronchodilator action of the tree. The action of sucupira seed in the treatment of cases of parasitic diseases, such as Chagas disease, is also investigated.

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The sucupira seed extract is indicated for people who suffer from cases of bone pain, including back problems (disc hernias), parrot beaks, arthritis, rheumatism and joint pain in general.

Sucupira can also be very effective in combating the action of viruses and bacteria, especially those causing sore throat, urinary tract infection, inflammation in the prostate and ovaries . It can also be used to fight intestinal worms.

For cases of diabetes , another advantage offered by sucupira is to balance glucose levels in the bloodstream. For patients who have prostate tumors, sucupira also appears as an excellent ally.

sucupira seed tea

After learning about all the advantages associated with using sucupira in any health treatment, it’s time to learn how to prepare tea from sucupira seeds.


  • 1.5 liters of filtered water;
  • 6 sucupira seeds.

Method of preparation

To prepare sucupira seed tea, the first step to be taken is to bring the water to boil with the help of a pot with a lid. Soon after, sanitize the seeds and grind them.

As soon as the water starts to boil, add the crushed seeds and leave in the water for two minutes. After this time, turn off the fire and let the tea warm. When it is warm, take a sieve and remove all the used seed.

The indication is that sucupira tea is ingested throughout the day . It is good that the tea intake is interspersed with water at intervals of three hours. For any questions, consult an expert.

So that the tea does not lose its properties throughout the day, storing it in the refrigerator is the most suitable solution. If you prefer to drink sucupira seed tea still warm, remove the desired amount and heat it separately.

Sucupira tea contraindication

Sucupira tea is a drink that can be consumed by any type of person . The entire plant can be used to solve a wide range of health-related problems. However, the leaves have a high degree of toxicity .

Therefore, it is not advisable to use this part of the plant indoors, nor under the tea version. According to tests and studies carried out, sucupira leaves cause serious liver problems, especially in animals.

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“Sucupira leaves cause a very serious inflammation. In a few days the animal dies. And this result also refers to our body. So, preparations made with sucupira leaf, only for external use”, explains biologist and specialist in medicinal plants, Daniel Forjaz .

The bark of the stem and the seed of sucupira are not toxic. “In some cases, sucupira seed oil, if consumed in excess, can cause depression in the central nervous system, leaving the person apathetic and sleepy,” says Forjaz.