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Pineapple tea to lose weight

by Dianna Leon

Pineapple (also known as Pineapple in Spanish countries) is a nutrient-rich fruit that is part of the bromeliad family. It has its origins in South America and for its cultivation it is necessary to have a warm climate, so the pineapple can be produced in countries with tropical and subtropical climate. The pineapple fruit has a citrus flavor and at the same time sweet, making it the most popular fruit when it comes to healthy food. It is highly recommended in slimming diets due to its diuretic property and its low calorie content (about 152 calories per slice weighing 100 grams) .

That pineapple is rich in vitamin C everyone knows. It is evident due to its citrus property. However, this vitamin is not the only one present, it is also rich in other substances such as A, B1, B6, iron, magnesium and fiber. There are several ways of pineapple consumables nowadays: sweets, cakes, jellies, candied and, the subject that we will address in this matter, teas.

Does pineapple tea really slim down?

The pineapple has bromelain, a natural enzyme which facilitates the digestion of food. The tea also brings the diuretic property of pineapple already mentioned above, along with the thermogenic factor (helping to burn fat), and as a result of being enriched in fiber, it produces satiety and reduces the individual’s feeling of hunger. The combination of tea together with a balanced diet promises to give results for those who want to lose the extra pounds.

Pineapple Tea Preparation Recipe


  • Half pineapple peels cut into small pieces
  • Half pineapple cut into small cubes
  • A liter and a half of water
  • black tea sachet
  • sucralose sweetener


Place the half pineapple peels on the fire and boil for about ten minutes. Wait for cooling and blend them in a blender for a more nutritious result. Then strain. Boil 200 ml of water and add the black tea sachet, wait for it to cool. Then, add the two preparations at room temperature (peel and tea), add the pineapple cubes and sweeten as desired.

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