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Raspberry tea – Benefits and properties of this plant

by Dianna Leon
Raspberry tea

Anyone who sees the size of a spider’s foot can not imagine what the plant is capable of doing in the body. The 40cm height that the plant reaches when it reaches maturity cannot express the amount of benefits it brings when consumed regularly. This consumption can be done in different ways.

The plant

The spiderwort, scientific name Tripogandra diuretic, is widely used in natural medicine to this day. The plant, native to Brazil, is easily found in the Amazon and in regions where the Cerrado and Caatinga dominate. Across the country it is known by several names: tracoeraba, trapoerava and eye-of-santa-luzia. The spider plant, which reaches 40cm in height when it reaches maturity, is considered an annual plant, as this is the frequency in which it opens its pinkish flowers, which also serve as food.

powerful diuretic

It is because it works as a powerful diuretic that the spiderwort has become so well known. It helps the body to eliminate accumulated excess fluid, helping the body to deflate and aiding in weight loss . That is why it is very important that a lot of water is ingested during the treatment done with the spiderwort. The plant also contains flavonoids and helps prevent premature aging of cells.

Diseases such as cystitis, urethritis, gonorrhea, among other diseases and infections that can affect the urinary system, are fought by the plant’s therapeutic properties .

Consumption of Raspberry Tea

The entire aerial part of the plant is considered beneficial to health when ingested. The flowers and leaves can be eaten fresh or sauteed and added to stews and hot dishes. It is also possible to make pâtés with the flowers and put the leaves in stews, to give them a special taste. The tea is still, however, be the fastest and easiest way to access the wonders that spiderwort can do to the body.

make tea

Add 2 tablespoons of dried spiderwort in a liter of water and heat the pan. Simmer for 10 minutes and turn off. Cover the pan and keep the pan covered for 15 minutes. Strain and drink without sweetening. Drink three cups a day.

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