Have you ever heard of trumpet tea ? Get to know all its benefits as well as more details about the plant from reading this article. Here you will also learn how to prepare the drink, considered the most common way of using the plant.

Depending on where it is found, the trumpet can also be known by several other names, such as zabumba, straw, trumpet and white skirt . In scientific circles the plant is known as Brugmansia suaveolens.

Even though it is a natural ingredient, inclusion in any treatment related to human health, including trumpet tea, must pass medical supervision. This ends up avoiding possible problems.

It is worth noting that the trumpet has hallucinogenic properties , which has already been used in mystical and religious rituals, in addition to medicinal purposes, of course! See now more details about this plant.

Benefits of Trumpet Tea

The trumpet is a kind of white lily. Even known for its hallucinogenic properties, when used in the right way, it helps to treat and prevent health problems. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the usage.

It is worth noting that, as it is a psychotropic substance – which falls under the category of drugs –, the trumpet is a plant whose use is controlled by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa).

Check out the benefits of trumpet tea:

  • Facilitates blood circulation
  • treats respiratory problems
  • relax the muscles
  • Fights gastrointestinal problems
  • Relieves menstrual cramps
  • Nervous system
  • Prevents rheumatism

After knowing all the benefits linked to the use of trumpet tea, now is the time to know each one of them in detail. It is important to highlight that this natural remedy should only be used with medical advice.

Facilitates blood circulation

Intake of trumpet tea also has benefits for blood circulation. In its composition, the drink has substances that induce the dilation of vessels, allowing the blood circulation to be full.

In other words, this makes the risks of developing high blood pressure problems, as well as heart and heart related problems, reduced.

respiratory problems treats

Taking as a hook the improvement of blood circulation, trumpet tea can also be used well in the treatment of respiratory diseases. This is possible because the drink relaxes the body, the exchange of gases.

This prevents problems such as asthma , infection and swelling of the pulmonary arteries . Now it is important to remember that trumpet tea treatment is not a substitute for natural treatments for respiratory ailments.

relax the muscles

Trumpet tea acts directly on the nervous system. In this way, the muscles also suffer positive effects from this benefit. In this way, muscle pain can be treated, as well as inducing the body to relax .

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Fights gastrointestinal problems

Trumpet tea favors the proper functioning of the intestines . Along with this, the drink helps to alleviate symptoms of possible disorders. In addition, it can also be used to treat stomach and digestion problems in general.

Relieves menstrual cramps

For those women who suffer from menstrual discomfort, used in the correct dosage, trumpet tea is a powerful remedy to treat and relieve menstrual cramps.

Nervous system

When taken in the correct dosage and under a doctor’s prescription, trumpet tea can have benefits for the functioning of the brain. This directly interferes between people who suffer from seizures and Parkinson’s disease .

In the first case, the frequency of cases is greatly reduced, while in people with Parkinson’s disease there is greater control of movement, reducing tremors.

The benefits of drinking can also be felt by patients who have some types of neuralgia.

Prevents rheumatism

Trumpet tea has substances that can help treat pain and inflammation caused by rheumatism . This guarantees the patient a better quality of life, precisely because it positively interferes with their mobility.

How to make trumpet tea

Despite being a drink that has many benefits, trumpet tea should be used conscientiously and responsibly. This implies saying that a doctor must prescribe, guide and monitor its use.

This is due to the hallucinogenic effects that the drink can represent for the patient. That’s why the use of trumpet tea is controlled by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa).

Therefore, the prescription for the preparation of this drink is restricted to the doctor, as he alone has the necessary knowledge about the diagnosis and needs that each patient presents.

Trumpet tea against Parkinson’s disease

The action that trumpet tea exerts on the brain has the power to treat diseases that compromise the nervous system, such as Parkinson’s disease. Used correctly, the drink controls tremors , the main feature of the disease.

When ingested in excess, trumpet tea ends up interfering with the functioning of the brain. Thus, the patient is now able to control movements by acting directly on the region that is in a state of degeneration.

Trumpet Tea Reports

Due to its hallucinogenic properties, there are many stories surrounding the use of trumpet tea in natural medicine. For many years, the drink has also been used in religious rituals by people all over the world.

Primitive peoples, from both Eurasia and the New World, used trumpet tea extensively in mystical and religious rituals. However, in these cases, this use had medicinal purposes.

But it was not always so. There are indications that the drink was widely used with criminal intent. According to some accounts, the trumpet was used as a narcotic in order to rob or kill victims.

In Brazil, there are reports that the Indians used the plant as a way to punish those who committed crimes in the tribes. The Indian criminal was trapped in a hollow with many angry ants and consumed the trumpet tea.

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Care and contraindications of trumpet tea

For all that has been presented here about trumpet tea, people will already be a little more careful about its use. If that’s still not enough, see what else can cause drinking besides hallucinations.

It can also cause dryness of the mucous membranes, blurred vision, increased body temperature and loss of consciousness. In certain cases, patients may need more time to regain consciousness.

Patients who have psychological problems may have them worse. The plant also brings a feeling of drowsiness, weakness and relaxation. Patients suffering from low blood pressure problems should stay away from drinking.

In extreme cases, drinking too much trumpet tea can lead to death.

Trumpet tea: responsibility for use

After all that was presented in this article about trumpet tea, you will certainly think twice before using it. This will ensure the integrity of your health and well-being.

In any doubt, do not hesitate to seek advice from a doctor. He is the most indicated professional to prescribe, guide and monitor the use of trumpet tea in any treatment.