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Teas that take away hunger

by Dianna Leon

The fight against the scales and the concern with “the extra pounds” is one of the ones that affects people the most. In the quest to keep the body always healthy, there are some allies to cheat hunger and not go overboard in the consumption of high-calorie foods. One of the allies are teas: they have quick absorption power, promoting appetite reduction. A good trick is to consume them between meals.

Bitter orange tea

Orange has fiber, which is very important for the feeling of satiety, and consequently, the reduction of appetite. In addition to fiber, orange contains synephrine, an active ingredient that helps increase metabolism and burn fat.

How to prepare the tea : Using a pestle, mash the pure orange peel (without the white part). Take two scoops of this maceration and add 200 ml of water. Bring the mixture to a boil for 20 minutes. After this period, strain and drink.


Green tea

Because it has diuretic properties and reduces fat absorption by the body, green tea has become very popular among dieters. One of the main actions of this tea is to inhibit leptin, a substance responsible for the feeling of hunger.

How to prepare the tea : Add a spoon (soup) of the plant’s leaves to a cup of hot water, let it steep for a few minutes, strain and drink. Only consume green tea at the time of preparation, as its properties are lost when reheated.

ginger tea

Ginger is a root with thermogenic effects, speeding up metabolism and helping to lose body fat. In addition, like oranges, it has pectin, which helps in the feeling of satiety.

How to make tea : Add a tablespoon of chopped ginger to a cup of water. Bring to the fire and, as soon as the mixture comes to a boil, leave it for another ten minutes. It is recommended to drink three cups a day.

Lieutenant stick tea

The lieutenant stick has many astringent substances, managing to clean the fat present in the blood.

How to prepare the tea : Add two tablespoons of leaves or powder of Pau de Lieutenant to 1 liter of filtered water. Bring to the fire until just before starting to boil. Turn off the heat and smother for 10 minutes. It is recommended to consume two or three cups a day.

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